Gift Ideas Fathers Day

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tish212 - June 6

Just wanted to know what unique gifts people are giving for fathers day.... i am looking for ideas for what to give DH but I dont want to spend too much since his bday is June 22 and I am spending enough on that... any ideas would be great!!


Malica - June 6

I'm hoping to find a talking picture frame (not a digital one, just a cheap one). I know my husband really misses our daughter and has quite a few pictures up at his desk at work already, but I think he'd really like it if he could just push a b___ton and hear her giggle too.


tish212 - June 7

That is too cute!! my dh has pics up at his work of our dd too and his face just lights up when he comes home and sees her, because the moment she sees him she smiles and laughs...


meg - June 7

I'm not really sure what it's called, but I got one of those molding things, so I can take an impression of my son's hand & foot, mark down his age somewhere on the impression (or on the back...not sure yet) & then I think I am going to put it in a small shodow box....I haven't done it yet, so I haven't quite decided!


ROBYN - June 7

this is a unique idea w w w dot mykleenextissue dot com/


margie - June 9

we're super strapped for cash right now so tony isnt getting anything expensive or anything...but i got an idea when watching the mtv movie awards the other day...i saw adam sandler had a shirt on with his wife and daughter on it. well anjelica has a t shirt that says "i listen to hip hop with my daddy" on it...i wanted to take a picture of her wearing that and scan it onto a iron on transfer and put it on a shirt for him, i dont have a computer i can do it on but im going to use my sisters. i know he would wear it especially when he goes out to hip hop shows and stuff, he is so in love with his little girl he'd love to show her off. and then i'll probably make him a card or something and put anjelicas hand print on it (should be fun getting her to cooperate with that, lol) as her "signature"


durante baby - June 9

I am going to buy a 10x10 tile and clay layer the top og the tile with the clay, put the kids hand prits on it then have it enameld. the rest I am winging


MelissaK - June 12

I took my 9 mo LO to a ceramics paint shop on Tuesday and we painted a planter for DH and she did hand prints. They are glazing and firing it and we'll pick it up today. We'll get a plant and card, I think he will love it! So cute!


tish212 - June 12

i love the idea, i am really thinking of doing something with her handprints and footprints.... i would like to do something he can keep at his desk at work...since he LOVES to show off that he is a daddy.... you all have GREAT ideas...



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