Giggling In Sleep

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Rabbits07 - May 29

My son is 8 weeks old and constantly giggles in his sleep! It is so adorable! He isn't laughing out loud while awake yet, so it is just so cute to hear. He smiles and everything while he does it and sometimes does it for about 5-10 seconds. Does anybody else's baby do this?


Rabbits07 - May 29

Oh, and does anybody know why they do this?


YC - May 29

Kai did that all the time when she wsa really little. Even now she does it but she is 23 weeks so she is laughing out loud while awake. That has got to be the best sound ever. In the book "Happiest Baby on the Block" it talks about how babies soak up so much in a day and as they sleep there little brains are turning all the days actions into memories. It says that they are actually dreaming and really laughing/smiling. Of course I guess we will really never know why since we can't ask and get an answer at this age. LOL!!!! I wish I would have recorded it of course I never knew when she would do it so I never had the camera ready.


kimberley - May 30

Hi Rabbits....My DD did it last night, she is nearly 4 months, and has been laughing awake for about 3 weeks now, but has giggled in her sleep since about 6 weeks, plus smiling in her sleep since 3 weeks. In short it is causes smiles, and when they go to sleep with bad wind (not painful) they will often giggle in their always makes me laugh too. When I heard my DD giggle last night, I wasn't surprised, because the first time for ages she just didn't bring any wind up with her bed time bottle. I dont know how wind causes this....but I remember my doctor telling me it was from wind when I had my 1st baby, 18 yrs ago...and all 4 of mine have done it.


Mommy - May 30

I don't know why they do it, but my 1 and 2 year old do that, too. It's so adorable.


Whitney - May 30

My son is now 11 months & has been giggling in his sleep since he was about a week old. My grandma says that when they giggle & smile & their sleep it means they are talking to the angels!


Marlene - May 30

My son is 13weeks old and never laughed in his sleep but has been smiling in his sleep since he was about 3weeks old. I like to think that he is playing with my grandfather that pasted almost four years ago or angels. Its just what i like to think.


Shana B - May 30

My son is also 8 weeks old and he is doing the same thing. I love to watch him but I wonder what is going on in that mind of his.


Karen S - May 31

My son started doing it at 3 weeks old. Why do they do it, it is adorable I love it:)



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