Glad I Took Him

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SonyaM - March 8

So my 17 month has been off of his regular sleeping scheudle the last week or so and has been really grumpy the past few days. Then I noticed he was messing with his ears/jaw and he was falling all of the time( equillibrium being off). He didn't have a fever or anything but I took him to the Dr. and sure enough he had a double ear infection. Poor little thing. I hope he starts sleeping better when this clears up. BTW, I wish they had those numbing ear drops when we were little.


Elle - March 8

Poor baby!! I'm glad you got him taken care of. I'm sure he'll be back to normal soon. BTW, what are numbing ear drops? Kind of like Oragel except for the ears? I've never heard of those but they might be good to have on hand. Are they by rx only?


SonyaM - March 8

Numbing ear drops are a lifesaver. They are prescription only and work great. I have even used them myself when I had an ear infection. Not sure of the ingredients in the them but they work great. They can get you through the night to see the Dr. in the morning instead of the er in the middle of the night. They are like gold at our house.



Mama knows best :0) as always!


Heather F - March 9

Good job sonya for taking him, hope he feels better soon!


LollyM - March 9

Wow, the numb eardrop thing is cool! I didn't know those existed! I had terrible ear infections when I was young. I do hope your baby gets better soon though =) Isn't mother's instinct the best!


SonyaM - March 9

Well, it's 2:30a.m. right now and baby and I just had a picnic of goldfish crackers, milk and water on the lilving room floor. I awoke to hear him talking and whining and I let it go for a while and then thought I should go sit with him since he's sick. So I walk in his room and he pops up and starts laughing. I'm thinking well, it's better than crying but you seem fine so let's all go back to sleep. hehehe Well he wouldn't have that. So I put him on the floor and he literally runs to the kitchen pointing at food. Wha's a girl to do. I had to give him a snack. I'm sitting (with HORRID hearthburn) sharing goldfish crackers with him and laughing. He was so proud to feed them to me I couldn't resist. He's back in bed now but of course I still have heartburn. I have no idea what from but man it's bad. Oh no, I just had a thought. The ONLY time I ever get heartburn is when I am pregnant. C___p. Okay now I'm freaking out and rambling. I'm gonna go down a few more rolaids and try to go back to bed.



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