Glass Baby Bottles

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venus_in_scorpio - March 6

I just read on CNN that Playtex, Gerber, Evenflo and 2 more of the top-brand plastic baby bottles release chemicals into the formula and milk... im like freaking out and running out to babyland and buying glass babay bottles. does anyone else use these? has anyone else read that??


ash2 - March 6

I have been reading this too, but both of my DS have been on playtex bottles for years now and everything seems okay. I cannot see in my house using gla__s bottles., lol They are fixen to go to all sippy cups now anyways : )


jwhite - March 6

I don't see using gla__s bottles cause what are you going to do when they start feeding themselves??


ssmith - March 6

My dd is b___stfed, so this doesn't really apply to me ~~ but I can't help but think that babies have been drinking out of plastic baby bottles for decades....what illness have come of it? Any?


mandee25 - March 7

I wonder if this is just media hyped bs. I mean there is always something new out there they are finding that will harm us. What's next? I can see the headlines now on CNN, " Cotton is a killer!!!" or something crazy. lol


AshleyB - March 7

I've heard that even before this. It's also true with lots of our daily used plastics, like our tupperware stuff, anyway, it's only when you microwave the plastic supposedly it releases chemicals into the contents. I'm not worrying about it, there'll always be something they say we're not supposed to do or use, it's mostly bs anyway.


HannahBaby - March 7

yep, bs just like that big huge car seat study that was done not too long ago....They released the results, had parents running out to the store to replace their Evenflo Discovery carseats....and then retracted the results and said "oops we made a mistake" I WOULD NOT worry about it.


hello - March 8

I agree with ssmith, i havent heard anything of children drinking milk from even a cheapo bottle.......


Heather F - March 8

if you replace your bottles and start useing gla__s then it would only make sense to replace everything you use to gla__s rather then plastic, like your cookware and the storage you have for your family's left overs.


venus_in_scorpio - March 8

i went ahead ans switched to be safe. I do try to use gla__s cups and gla__s dishes too come to think of it... I should have thought of this sooner. I mean yeah we use plastics every day without immediate consequence but is it not true that cancer instances have risen to an epidemic proportion?? or that the occurance of autism has increased 10 fold in the past? I mean using plastics wont take the hormones out of the dairy i eat or take the corn syrup or msg or chemical additives out of the food... but one less thing is still one less thing... to me. :o) plus the gla__s ones are easier to sterilize and clean too. :oD



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