Going Away Without Baby

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AmberLee - May 31

My boyfriend has planned for us to go away without the baby in a few weeks, 2 hours away. Im NOT ready for this- we had one overnight away from him, and i had a miserable time. When he is planning for us to go away, Conner will be 17 weeks old. What would you do? Its for 2 overnights, at some castle in vermont....... am i overreacting?


YC - May 31

I dont think you are overreacting. We have not had an overnight trip yet and my dd is 23 weeks. We will leave her with her grandparents for a weekend away in August but she will be 9 months old. I am dreading it already. My boyfriend is in a wedding and there are no kids allowed. Is there any compromise? Maybe one night away instead of two?


C - May 31

I just took my 13 month old to our romantic getaway because I knew I'd stress about him the whole time. I think it just depends on you. Also, it would depend on who is watching your little one.


HannahBaby - May 31

i dont think that you are over reacting. I REFUSE to leave my 16 month old alone. Anywhere i go, she goes and if she cant, then i dont go. I was in a wedding and brought my daughter with me. I worry about her too much to leave her. id be miserable and on the phone with the sitter 24 hours a day. Another thing is the idea of a vacation or get away to me is with the 2 people that i love the most.....My husband and my daughter.....We are a family and id feel incomplete without her.


YC - May 31

That's great that you feel that way Hannahbaby. I am completely in love with my daughter but we do getting out every once in a while for a date night. I think alone time for mommy and daddy is also very important for the relationship. I am not ready to be away for more than a few hours at a time though. We are lucky...we leave her in great hands with her grandparents.


HannahBaby - May 31

I dont know YC, i just think that the hours that we spend as a family are enought for us. We have "date night" before i got pregnant (im 21 weeks) we would eat a nice dinner, put Hannah to bed, have a few drinks......I just couldent imagine leaving her to go out and do something without her. You just see so many terrible things happen in the world and i dont ever want to look back and say "gee, i wish that i spent more time with my baby" And another thing, my husband works two jobs so that i can stay home and be a mom so any free time that he has off he wants to spend with his daughter. Good for all you who can get away for a night or two, its well deserved


Cat - June 1

I agree. I couldn't do it, but if ever someone was deserving...it's moms!!! I think a lot of it depends on the baby. My first would go once a week (overnight) to his grandma's and didn't bat an eye. In fact, it did him as much good as it did me. My two youngest, it wouldn't work. They'd be miserable (very clingy) and I'd feel bad.


MichelleB - June 1

I agree with everyone that it is hard..I cried both times Ileft baby overnight, and he was just a few minutes away, but the next day Ifeel like a million bucks and it was well worth it to relax. I am leaving for a girls weekend tomorrow. Baby is staying with hubby, but I still feel the anxiety coming on...two whole days.., but I know it will be good for me.



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