Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave

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margie - November 30

I am almost 37 weeks now and I'm starting to feel sad already about having to leave my daughter with a stranger when i go back to work, i only get 6 weeks paid leave and then have to go back, shes still going to be so little then....since some of you have had to go through this too already, do you have any advice for me? how do i know i can trust who i leave her with? how will she deal with it emotionally when i leave her?


eclectic66 - December 1

Margie- Yes, it does suck havingto go back that early. I too was back at work full time when I was 6 weeks pp and I had a really hard time emotionally with it, but I had to do it bc we needed the money. The one thing that helped me to get through it was knowing that at that age they arwe still so young that they won't sit there and cry as they watch you walk out the door. my heart would have broken if I had to see that. As far as daycare I am not much help in that my dh had to leave his job to become full time Mr. mom, but that was a choice that we made as a family. We just don't trust people enough to put our baby in daycare (family or us ONLY)...GL


Val - December 1

At about 6 weeks I went back to work p/t and my dh watched the baby 2x/week. At about 10 weeks, we started the baby in daycare 2x/week, so now I'm away from him usually 3-4 days a week (but usually only 6-8 hours a day max). It helped (me!) to phase in the separation, and to start by leaving the baby with someone I knew and trusted. And finding a good daycare person is really important... I asked around and found someone that 2 friends - both university professors - highly recommended. I brought the baby to her house to meet her and see the house and watch her feed and interact with the baby. I have other friends who've been through this recently as well. One is sharing daycare with a friend and they interviewed nannies together. Another found a member of her mom's group who wanted to take care of another little one. Definitely start asking around now... it can be tough to find someone (if you don't want to go the major chain daycare route, which we didn't). As for emotions, it was definitely hard for me at first, and now that my baby is 6 months old, it's sometimes even harder because he's much more fun than he was at 6 weeks, but on the other hand, it's nice to have some time using other parts of my brain and talking with other adults! But 6 weeks is very short - if it's possible to go back only p/t at first, or to put it off at least until 8-10 weeks, it will be easier. At 6 weeks, I had trouble driving because I was still so sleep deprived! Good luck...



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