Going Back To Work Amp Taking Baby With Me

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Lynn - January 1

I will be going back to work next week and will be taking my dd with me -she'll be 6 weeks old at the time. I have a pack & play, travel swing & infant seat with vibrations to take with me, any ideas for other things I might want to have to make it easier to juggle her & work and the same time? Oh yeah, I'm taking my sling too so that I can br___tfeed her while sitting at my desk on the computer...


Eryn - January 1

Sounds like you have everything. I take Ellie to work with me and to be honest I don't get anything done. But she is a baby who always has to be held and needs attention. She also hates her swing and bouncer. Your little one is young enough where they will sleep more too.


Sheri - January 1

Don't forget to take a big bottle of water and some healthy snacks for yourself. I'm glad to hear that some empolyers are being this supportive.


Lynn - January 1

I'm lucky to have a WONDERFUL baby. I honestly don't know how I got this lucky to tell you the truth, I was an awful baby from day one.


Heidi - January 1

We have the same baby Lynn :) Emma is such a good baby. She's not high maintenance that's for sure. My boss said I could bring Emma but I don't think it would work out well for me! Are you in the office yourself? What do you do? My job is too chaotic for a little one to be around but if she were ever sick I know I could bring my pack n play and nobody would care. They'd all be busy picking her up and playing with her. Ha ha!


Lynn - January 2

I actually work in a 2 person office - me & my boss. I have the front office/lobby area, he has his own office and we have a "conference" room which is actually a "clutter" room as we never have any conferences in it & use it for extra storage areas. My desk is actually fairly large with a U-shapre to it so I have enough room to keep a swing and bouncy chair under it to my side so she can be there right with me. The nice thing about b___stfeeding is that if she starts to cry I just offer her the b___b and she's happy!


Narcissus - January 2

Don't forget a mobile to attach to her pack and play. They are an entertaining distraction. When she turns 3-4 months, you can use an exersaucer, which provides a full day of entertainment:)


Heidi - January 2

You're so lucky!


jeeez - January 2

I WANT YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!



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