Going On Vacation Advise On Beach Needs Please

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austinsmom - June 13

We will be going on vacation this year yay!! We will be traveling from our home in the mountains to the beach and I hoped I could get advise from other moms on the things that were helpful to them at the beach. My lo will be 6 months and I am a first time mom....I would hate to get out there and find I need something I did not think of but had at home........so ladies anything you can think of that helped you let me know...thanks!!


Rabbits07 - June 13

Besides your standard umbrella, sunblock, etc....I would take a blanket and some kind of plastic mat to put under it because I don't care how hard you try you can't shake all of that sand out of the blanket. If you plan on letting baby play in the sand I would advise taking a small plastic tub to dip some of the beach into for him. We took our kids to the ocean last year and the sand was so hot you could barely walk on it, much less play in it. Also take TONS of baby wipes as some little ones decide they don't like the least bit of sand on them and take a screaming fit. Oh and if you take a camera or camcorder make sure you have a sealable plastic bag to store it in while at the beach when not in use. Both our camera and camcorder got sand in them last year and it ruined both.


Rabbits07 - June 13

sorry, that's dip some off of the beach.


SonyaM - June 13

When I had my first son, someone suggested I take a SMALL baby pool to the beach to put baby in so they weren't in the sand and crawling everywhere. We tried it but it didn't work. my son was almost one then and he crawled right out of it. We are going to the beach twice this summer and I am a little worried about it all too.


austinsmom - June 13

yep I am a little worried about the sand the salt water and how to keep lo happy and in shade so mommy and daddy can have a little fun......thank you rabbits for your insight lol every child needs their own little piece of the beach ha ha I got a kick outta that great idea about the plastic bag for the camera ....see.... I had not thought of that and boy if I ruined my camera that would not make for a happy vacation......anyone else with some helpful hints for the beach me and sonyam are looking for a couple more tips........


YC - June 13

Have fun at the beach!!! We took Kai camping two weeks ago. We will take her on a cruise in November. I am a little nervous about the beach, sand, etc but she will be 11 months old when we go.


austinsmom - June 14

Thank you YC I hope this will be a good time as well...gosh..a cruise in November you lucky ducky...lol...sure does give you something to look forward to huh?


austinsmom - June 14

Ok so this is what I have figured out so far and maybe I can get some help from other moms out there on things I might be missing......I have a pack and play by graco that has a canopy with sunblock...I am a little concerned about ruining this with sand in the wheels (can anyone advise on this?) but I think it will be great to keep lo in.....I have a backpacker for lo that he loves and we can take walks down the beach with lo on our backs....I have one sunproof hat for him and some special diapers for swimming though I am hesitant to let lo into water in anyway cause I am scared of the salty water hurting his eyes accidently ( anyone know about this please advise) my lo has eczema and therefore very delicate skin worried about the sand and grit further aggravating his skin..(please advise) this is all I can think of for now that I have questions about and of course any helpful hints yall may have like rabbits gave me would be great!!! Thank you in advance for your response...


Rabbits07 - June 14

I think I would reserve the water play for the hotel pool because that salty ocean water is really harsh, especially on a little one AND on top of that having eczema...I don't think I'd risk it. Last year when we went to the ocean I only got out about knee deep and my ankles were tore all to pieces where the sand that is in the waves scratched me....I looked like I had been attacked by a cat! The salt does burn the eyes, too. I fell several times (1st timer and I'm not very agile anyway), but dh got a good laugh out of it, but I went back to our cottage with red eyes and skinned ankles.I did absolutely LOVE going there though (that's where ds was conceived) and would go back this year if ds was a little older.


Jamie - June 14

Does the hat tie on? I got a sunproof hat for my daughter when we went to Texas in February, but it b__ws off in the slightest breeze so I may as well not have bothered.


austinsmom - June 14

Yes Jamie the hat does tie on and I have used it when going out on the boat and it worked very well and he just looks too cute in it lol...


SonyaM - June 14

Jamie, where in Texas did you visit?


Jamie - June 15

We visited my MIL in Sherman, TX, and my FIL in Austin, TX.


CamysMama - June 15

It may not be necessary, but if you have a little tent that's easy to tote and put up, you might want to bring it with you, some beach-goers use these over here in Cali, and it's a great napping place, serves a dual purpose - keeps the sun off, and also protects from b__wing sand. (And those friendly beach dogs!) That way if your ds needs a little nap-time, he can be safe and protected, and right there with you while you and your dh lounge outside on the playa. Just be sure to pitch it far enough from the waves that the rising tide won't take it away! And anchor it securely (put some books or water bottles in the corners) to keep it from flying away. :o) Make sure you bring baby sungla__ses for your lo, to protect his eyes from the uv exposure. Also, once is not enough when it comes to sunscreen these days. Be sure to take it with you and re-apply! Otherwise you might wind up with a nice red souvenier from your beach vacation. Most importantly, have a wonderful time! :o)


austinsmom - June 16

thank you camysmama that was a very helpful response....I do not have a pair of sungla__ses yet so we'll have to go get some.....yeh I got caught in the tide thing when I was younger went to play in water and when I got back my stuff had been swept out to sea lol I learned my lesson on that one quick!!! Thanks again!!!!!



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