Going Rate For Daycare

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jb - May 1

I was just wondering what the going rate for daycare is. I was planning to go back to work in fall. I am only going back 2 days a week. My best friend was going to watch my dd while I was at work and while dh is sleeping (he works nights). She said she would watch dd for free, but I insist on paying her. What would be a fair amount to pay. The time would be from about 6:30am until 3:30pm. Thanks in advance.


Allie - May 1

depends on where you live...in Las Vegas, it's $225 for a full week of infant day care (so for two full days probably about $100 a week)


HannahBaby - May 1

i live in NY and the going rate here is about 130-160 a week, monday-friday any where from 7 until 6


SonyaM - May 1

I think in Texas it is about 125 a week for infant care and goes down from there for the older ages. I would say 50-60 dollars per week would be fair.


jb - May 1

Thanks for the info. I live in Wisconsin. The $50-$60 range is right on with what I was guessing for 2 days of care.


JAI - May 1

In Canada the rate is usually in the range of $35 to $60 per day which would also include a meal provided to the child.


Rabbits07 - May 1

I live in Southwest Virginia and when I checked on childcare for my 2 year old before I got preg again the center I checked at charged $80 per 5-day week. That included breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks. The price increased slightly per week the younger the child was.


Allie - May 1

Wow, you ladies are lucky. It costs me 75 a week for before and after school for my 1st grader, 150 for my 5 year old, and with the new baby we are looking at a grand total of 450 a week (or me staying at home, n/b daycare is TOO expensive)...


Jamie - May 2

Here, it's $4 per hour - the rate is dictated by the military, since it's the military daycare. Babysitters, daycares, everyone through the military has to charge $4.00 per hour. It might be different at other posts.


jas - May 2

Got that right - it's higher here at this military installation... But then I am in Japan too...


Erin1979 - May 3

I pay $35/day. Most of the home daycares are 30-50/day here.


JMux - May 3

Wow, I didn't realize how good I had it! I pay $75 a week from 7:45 am to 5:30 pm, M-F. That includes meals.


C - May 4

I go to a friend and I pay her $20 per day. She normally charges $25. I live in Ohio. I checked out centers and the least expensive I found that I liked was $175 per week up to $225 per week for and infant under 18 months (This includes all food and formula for the centers).


karine - May 5

WOW i charge 20/day! iam in canada. and i include receipts/meals with that. those are typicall prices for babysitters around. but the daycares that are in the city...charge atleast 30/day


Angie in MI - May 5

Jmux... 75 a week!?! Where do you live? In Michigan its about 180 a week


J.J. - May 5

I agree w/Angie. In MD it's $210 a week and that's a good rate. For infants you must supply diapers and formula/food.


JMux - May 5

I live in southeast Kansas. Cost of living is a bit lower than other places, but not much. I was pretty shocked when I read what everyone else is paying.



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