Going To Bed Early

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hello - June 11

Just curious. Am i the only one who goes to bed at around 830, 9pm. I find that i am just exhausted and so ready for it.... I feel very old now .. I am sure once my daughter is past being one and hits two or three i will hopefully last longer...


TinaMarie - June 11

I go in spurts, I will spend 5 days or so staying up late, then there will be 3 days where I am sleeping by 9pm. My husband calls it my cycle..lol.


pbj - June 11

Me too. One or two nights I go to bed with my daugter, about 7:30 or 8:00, other nights I try to stay up to hang out with my husband. I think the worst was my husband and I went to bed at 6:00 on a Saturday night...a year and half ago we may have taken a nap a 6 pm to get ready to go out at 10 pm. Oh well, this is better...I do love sleep now.


HANNAHs Mom - June 11

You're not the only one! I am always in bed around 8-ish....I read 3 pages of a book and I am out. Our babies sure do take every ounce of energy!


Rabbits07 - June 11

I'm like TinaMarie and have spurts. Generally, night time after all the offspring are in bed is the only real 'alone' time I have. So, if I'm not really tired I'll stay up and either clean house or view the board or something. I've stayed up alot later than usual the past 2 nights though and I feel real sluggish today, so I'll probably hit the sack extra early this evening if I can.


Kel - June 11

I'm in bed at 9pm and usually asleep at 10pm (I have to watch my shows). DD gets put to bed when I go to bed, but hopefully it she'll get an earlier bedtime once her naps decrease.


Heather F - June 12

My baby is ussually asleep by 9:15 and so am I, lol.


Nerdy Girl - June 12

I am so jealous of those of you who get to bed early. How in the heck do you guys get anything done though, because the only time I can clean the house, pay the bills, and focus on my home-business is after the kids go to bed. I am so tired!!!!!!


JEN - June 12

Me too!!!!! My ds is usually in bed by 7:30-8:00, and I am always in bed by 9:00- so SAD! I am only 27 years old! Oh well, I need my sleep as much as he does, and dh works long hours so he is right there with me. I think we are still trying to make up from the first few months LOL!


austinsmom - June 12

yep...I used to be night owl cause all the good shows on tv seem to come on later and later....I am on eastern standard time and I guess that does not help.....but just like you I am hard pressed to stay up pa__sed 9 in the evening and I am the grouch in the morning.......I am only 30 yrs old and in my mind to young for this early evening stuff but I havent figured out how to keep ds up later than 7:00 and he is a very early riser both times he rises..lol


hello - June 13

glad to know i am not the only one and i do agree they certainly sap our energy


bbelmore - June 14

For three years straight , since I moved in with my now husband, we went to bed at 9pm EVERY night, even weekends ( and we're in our early twenties) Now our son James doesn't go to sleep until 11pm and man , do we ever miss it.....



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