Going To Bed With Out Milk

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KOGreer - April 4

My son is nine months old. He still br___t feeds and refuses a bottle or sippy cup. He eats a great amount of solids during the day, so I am not worried about him going hungry. I am, however, worried about him going thirsty sometimes. Just this week he has refused our last br___t feed of the night. Every night he'll sit in his high chair to eat dinner, then take a bath, then I'll sit in the rocking chair in his room, nurse him until he falls alseep, then put him in his crib for the night. But all of a sudden he squirms, cries, or just pushes my br___t away at night (before even latching on). He has done this a few times during the day, which was fine, I would just try again later. But it really caught me off guard when he did it at night. It usually only took a few minutes at the br___t, and he was asleep anyways. Has anyone seen this happen before? I thought maybe it was the chair in his room (possibly he was associating it with sleep time or something) so I tried other rooms. That worked for one night, but then the last two nights he has continued to refuse. I also tried bottles, thinking he was self-weaning, but he still won't take a bottle. It just feels wrong putting my baby to sleep at night without a bottle.


pregnantjackie - April 5

My son is seven months old, and does the same when hes ga__sy or teething but ewither way he sounds uncomfortable?


melissap - April 5

Not taking a sippy cup may be a problem at some point. Have you tried a small platic gla__s with no top. My friend that bf tried this with her ds and it worked well. My youngest ds is 4months and has never had a bottle while going to bed. He has a bottle around 7 and then I put him in his crib at 7:30 or 8pm. so that is not a problem. He could be self weaning as I have heard of babies doing this. My oldest ds weaned himself off the bottle onto a sippy cup by 11 months so it could happen.With my middle ds I had to offer very watered down juice around 9 months in order for him to like the sippy cup. I didn't bf very long so I am not sure but I am sure he still needs bm, formula or cows milk at this age.Is he drinking thoughout the day?? If so he may be getting what he needs. And if he is self weaning that would be soo much easier. Good luck


nounou159 - April 5

My daughter make the same thing at the same age (she is 12 month now)she starts refuse to nurse during the day but only nurse before she going to bed and suddenly she refused also to nurse before bed,i tried bottle but she hates it,and since that time she wean her self,and i tried for 3 month to let her drink milk by any way she refuse it she only takes it when i mix it with cereal she takes it at breakfast but now she start to drink it from sippy cup with a little amount of nesquick and must be cold if it is warm she spit it up,so dont be worry and if he wakes up at night many times try to offer some water


Gretta - April 7

Oh I know that pain - my dd did that for weeks around 9 months - I had weaned her right about than and she refused a bottle for two weeks I wad to fight to get 10 oz in her! I called the pediatrician - and they told me not to worry just to try and get some yogurt into her and to giver her tylenol 30 minutes before a feeding because it might have been due to teething. Well she got over it but it worried me endlessly. Also try the Nuby sippy cups - just keep giving it to your child during the day to play with - with a little diluted juice - he will get more interested if there is something interesting to taste...GL


KOGreer - April 7

Gretta~ did your daughter self wean, or did you decide you had enough, and tried to wean her by not offering yourself anymore? My son could go all day without nursing. It is not like he'll miss me when I finally get him weaned, but the problem is he won't take a bottle or sippy. So if I don't offer myself at all, and he doesn't take a bottle, he'll never get any milk. It is stressing me out too!



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