Going To The Bathroom

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chrissi79 - March 5

Does your LO strain and push when the have to go to the bathroom??


MM - March 5

Yes! My ds is 16 weeks old & he's always strained & grunted when pooping - & his whole head turns bright red!


mamagoose - March 5

LOL- My ds gets a concerned look on his face, then poops so explosively you can feel it blasting the diaper outwards if your hand is on his bum-- and you can hear it in the next room too! Right afterwards, he gets a big grin on his face like he's delighted with his accomplishment. Takes after his father.


eclipse - March 5

Always-and he is so proud of himself afterwards-especially if it is an impressive b__wout, like mamagoose said! LOL


snugglybugglys - March 5

lol my kids all make "the face"!


Smilefull - March 5

MM---the tomato face! AH LOVE IT!! When he was little sitting at the dinner table turning bright red I used to laugh so hard. Mamagoose--your brought his poor daddy into this?? lol. eclipse--it is an accomplishment-imagine it must still be a little foreign to them, not so used to it.


ash2 - March 5

It is normal, but not too much of a strain...if her stool has blood in it or is really hard she could be constipated. Just give her some warm applejuice. But straining is normal.


SuzieQ - March 5

Dh thinks it's the funniest thing to watch our dd fill her diaper - she gets really quiet, grins, then starts grunting and filling. lol - she is so going to be embara__sed when she's older!


chrissi79 - March 6

lol - its so funny. Well sometimes I feel bad for her poor thing b/c they are so tiny and their poor little tummies need to get it out! But I love the look of satisfaction when they go...lol


luviduvi - March 6

With my dd she would make a high pitched grunt while she inhaled during her poop. It was terrifying. Turns out, she was having a hard time getting the hard stuff out which, she always got out. I added a little of the dark Karo syryp in her baba and that was the end of that.



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