Gonna Have To Brush Up

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Ruthie - December 16

It occured to me the other day, while trying to calm my son down by singing to him, that I don't know very many nursery rhymes/kids songs! And the ones I do remember, I can't recall most of the words. So sometimes I make them up - scary -or I'll just give up and sing him Depech Mode or Beastie Boys or something. Kinda brings to mind that friends episode where Ross and Rachel were singing "I Like Big Butts" to their daughter! ("You're singing our daughter a song about a guy who likes to have s_x with girls with giant asses?!??!")


Jbear - December 16

I didn't see that friends episode...but it sounds too funny! Try the ABC's, or the ants go marching on...I didn't remember many kids' songs at first, but I relearned them from sesame street. My youngest actually likes the stereo better than me singing or her musical toys...I listen to weird stuff and sometimes I think she shouldn't be listening to it...but I've tried those kid music cd's and they are hazardous to a parent's sanity.


Shelly - December 16

I saw that episode...that was sooo funny.I still love friends.Eh.....I have to admit I don't know that many either...I know some in dutch,spanish and 1 or 2 in English.Maybe I have to get some cd's


Christy - December 16

that was a funny "friends." i am in the same boat, but my godmother bought me this book with all the nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and songs. now i just need to use it! until i whip it out, i'll keep singing "the itsy bitsy ben-boo," hungarian nursery songs (yes- i know those, but not the other ones) and coldplay songs to him.:)


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 16

I love that episode!! I am a HUGE Friends fan. I also can never remember the words to all of the songs.


Shelly - December 16

I also like the episode where Rachael goes into labor...squeezes Ross hand reallt hard and he tells her:you have no idea how much that hurts (remember she is in labor),I thought that was so funny!!!


Kristina - December 16

I only know one or two myself..but lately I just sing her christmas carols! =)


Tami - December 16

I love that episode too! Of course I just love Friends! I was so sad when they ended the show. Someday when we have more money to buy things, I plan on owning all the seasons. I can never remember songs to sing to Kailey-lately its Christmas songs, but I am out of luck after that. She may be hearing Christmas songs until June!


C - December 16

I only know a few and my son loves them. I have a pretty bad voice and he still seems to love it. I started with twinkle twinkle, ABC's, itsy bitsy spider, and you are my sunshine. My sister taught me all around the mulberry bush and he loves that one the best. Oh and he also likes the wheels on the bus. I miss Friends too. My favorite episode (not baby related) is the TDay episode where Rachel makes dessert with half a sheppards pie and half a truffle cake. My other favorite is when they are hiring a nanny and Freddie Prince is the nanny. Too funny! Thank God for reruns!


Kristina - December 16

LOL I miss friends tons! I don't think I missed an episode!! =) These days I never see a rerun I haven't already seen.


TC - December 16

Maybe you could find a nursery rhymes cd that comes with the words. Unfortunately for me, my job was child care so all I know are nursery rhymes and other songs. Another thing that you can do is make up some songs with a nursery rhyme beat, trust me he couldn't care less.



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