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ry - March 8

Anyone reccomend a good place to have dds picture taken or where to stay away from? I think I heard bad things about Olan Mills...I dont want to go somewhere too expensive but that will take nice portraits.


luviduvi - March 8

I think JCPenny does a great job for the price. I also like Picture People but for the prices, JCPenny was better and I like the photos better


Danielle19 - March 8

if you go to jcpennys don't go on a weekend, we took jordan there last weekend adn it was so busy and the lady did a really quick job and wouldn't even let us change his outfit and do more, and the picture didn't turn out very good the first time we went to jcpennys it was during the week and they did a much better job, and if you have any parenting magizines there always coupons in them for pennys


Heather F - March 8

the picture people arent great, the experiences we have had with them are never good and the piuctures always turn out bad.


mcatherine - March 8

We use a pro 2x a year, but in between we go to either Sears or Sadies. I love Sadies - it's one of those places in the mall that does the photos with live bunnies at Easter (and they had a field of real clovers for St. Pat's Day!), ect... just newer ideas than the same 'ole same 'ole. Maybe your local mall has one or something like it? One thing I have learned is that all of these places like to put pressure on you to buy right then (obviously) but in the age of digital pictures that you can view and enhance and free sitting fee coupons - I don't buy anything if I am treated rudely or don't like the pictures. I, too, have heard bad things about Olan Mills.


MJM - March 8

We have always had a great experience with picture people. You get your pix right away also, which is nice. Never do Wal Mart pix. NO GOOD!


KLC - March 8

I use sears portrait studio in the Galleria. Our pics have always come out really nice :)


Trina_ - March 8

I really liked our walmart pics...I guess it just depends on who you get and where you are at I guess. They took a bunch of pictures and if we didn't like one...they'd just take it over was great!


jilly01 - March 8

i have used the picture with great sucess. i can send you the pictures that they have taking too if you want to see them. they ALWAYS have come out GREAT!!


eliz24 - March 8

I had a bad experience at JCpenny's, I guess cuz it was a weekend and they were really busy,but they just rushed us in and took like 6 pictures and then rushed us out,I thought they were pretty rude,buuuut that could just be the penny's where I live. Anyway I go to Sear's now and I LOVE them,they do really good closeups and they aren't in a hurry to get you out....I still have some of my daughter's pic's from sear's online if ya wanna take a look,let me know.


ry - March 8

Thanks so much guys! I am such a bad mom she is getting her pictures professinally taken for the first time now and she is almost one so i want them to be great! Eliz, I would love to see your pics if you dont mind! :)


eliz24 - March 8

ry- you can go to add the h t t p : / / and the w's on the begining of that. and to login you have to put my email address: rachel5802 'at' and then my pa__sword should pop up,but if not, it's: selena06, once you see the first pic there is somewhere to click to scroll thru them. hope ya get some ideas : )


Pea Pod - March 8

We just picked up our pictures from JC Penney and they turned out great! The photographer was good at knowing how to calm dd just long enough for a shot. Plus, it was affordable!


BriannasMummy - March 8

Ive always had a very good experience with Sears portrait studio. My pictures always turn out very nice. I live in Canada.. (so sorry I dont remember where you are from) We also have the superstore portrait studio.. they have awesome prices, awesome photographers, awesome props.. i love them to pieces. Ive had nothing but HORRIBLE experiences with walmart.. they have flat backgrounds and some even weird backgrounds that just dont look natural. In the walmart's that Ive been in they also have a camera that just doesnt get the right angles... thats just my opinion though. Good luck with your pictures! ~Kristin~


Allie - March 8

Sears, they never rush you, we always get great shots (even with the baby and the 5 year old fussing!). My husband would say the downside is we always spend more than we planned, b/c all the shots are so good it's hard to buy just 1!!!


LisaB - March 8

I go to an amazing professional photographer and she is amazinly affordable. So just an idea to check out. I take ds to her and get a 8x10 for us and we get to keep all the 4x6 pictures she takes then we will go to Walmart and get the 8.88 package and send those out to family. I ge pictures every 3 months so its the only way I can afford to do it.


hmreyna - March 8

I had a horrible experience at JC Penneys. I will NEVER go back and would encourage anybody who wanted to go to NOT. Sears did a much better job to me and they take alot more pictures to choose from.



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