Good Start

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Kathleen - April 20

Anyone else using Good Start formula? Good thoughts about it???


Erin1979 - April 20

I used the good start 0-12 month formula from the time my dd was 4 months until 6, then switched to the transition formula. She seems to do very well on it, and it was easy to transition from bf to the formula. I really think it is the best. DD did not like Similac or enfamil. You will hear that people will not use it b/c of Nestle's "practices" in third world countries, but I still think it is best.


nic nac - April 20

it works great for me. much better than similac or enfamil.


Leahp - April 21

yeah, I did put my baby on the good start from b___stfeeding and she did great but of course my mom didn't want me to use it just because of what Erin1979 said that they promote formula in third world countries, but she did great on it, now she's on the soy and has done well on that, but we have tried Enfamil and Similac and she's thrown up, so I would go with good start, plus my sitter who has been doing it for 20 years said good start is the best, but if you want to save some money she said that the generic wal-mart brand has done wonders with some of the kids she watches! ERIN1979- what transition formula are you using, I've heard of doing that to get her preped for milk at 12 months, I tried a milk-based formula the other night because I don't want her on Soy anymore-I've heard some bad things and she threw up everywhere!!!


Erin1979 - April 21

I use the Good Start Transition Formula (comes in a bright yellow can). It says 6-18 months on it, but I am planning to use it until 1 year, then I am switching her to whole milk. I can't wait for that to come!! No more making formula!! I'm not sure why you are using the Soy (just preference?) but it may be that you need to mix them a bit at a time (1/2 soy, 1/2 milk based) until you've gotten completely off the soy. it may be just a shock to the system. Good Luck!


Leahp - April 21

yeah, I'm an idiot, I don't know why I put her on soy, when we tried the good start we opted to go with enfamil a few months back and thats when she threw up real bad and so I sais screw it and tried the soy and she seemed happy and content on it, so we stuck with it and at the time I didn't know all of the bad things about soy and her having extra estrogen in her system could cause negative effects later in life, so I want to get her on the milk-based but my sitter said four months out of her life on soy won't hurt her and if the spy works to stick with it, by the time she is 10-12 months she will probably handle milk very well by then, but that her tummy is still a little sensative, my ped said to mix them if I wanted to switch but that sounds even worse than just giving her one type of formula, yuk!



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