Got Any Fun Baby Shower Games

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Erynn21 - January 23

Ok ladies my friend and I are throwing a baby shower for one of our best friends and we need some fun games. We've got poopy diaper w/ candy bars, string around her belly and diaper the baby blindfolded, got any others?? I'm sure someone has something fabulous! Oh yeah and any ideas for prizes? Thanks Erin:)


sahmof3 - January 23

This isn't really a game, for my SIL's shower I made up a mad lib about my SIL, BIL and the baby. I went around the room and had eacgh person fill in a word and then read the whole story when it was all filled in. It turned out to be really funny!


sahmof3 - January 23



Deirdra - January 23

well this isnt a game, well sortof, in each invite you leva ea note saying bring a packet of diapers and your name will be put into a drawing...and get a nice prize for that...and once the gifts are all opened you pull a name out of a hat, that way the mother to be gets ALOT of diapers and the givers get a cahnce for a ncie son si 3 months and i still havent bought any diapers...


Lisastar9 - January 23

buy baby food. Have the guests decide on what is inside the jar with out tasting it blindfolded too. ....keep the underscores.


LisaB - January 23

My sister had everyone at my shower wear these necklaces around there neck and it you said baby and someone caught you they got your necklace the person with the most necklaces at the end of the shower got a gift. It was cute and funny.


Lisastar9 - January 23

buy baby food. Have the guests decide on what is inside the jar with out tasting it blindfolded too. ....keep the underscores. Search the site they also might have gift ideas. Or do a search on part giving ideas. Some which come to mind is a small photoalbum,fridge magnets for photos,bath essentials,tea light candles,if I come up with more ideas I will post.


lexa - January 23

I always like the "baby" game. You make a list of tv/movie characters and then they have to fill in the names of their kids (example...The Adams Family (2)...answer would be Pugsly and Wednesday. The Simpsons (3) answer would be Bart, Lisa and Maggie. etc. It's fun to see who knows their television. You can go "old school" with this too. (The Waltons, lol). Great for the older adults. As for prizes...hit the dollar store. You can get a lot of bang for the buck. If you have prizes left baby bingo to finish them off. On the last sheet of the games have a bingo type card for everyone to fill in the blanks with the baby items they think the soon to be mom will receive. If she opens that gift, they cross it off. The first one for bingo wins. This is a great way to get rid of the prizes. Just play it until they are gone. That way everyone has to pay attention to EVERY present opened too:-)


SonyaM - January 23

This isn't really a game but I think it's a great idea. I did this for my bf's baby shower and it was very well received. I decorated plain index cards and pa__sed them out to each guest. I told each person to write their words of encouragement, advice or what not on them. I then collected them and placed them in a book (I used a small photo album). We read some of them aloud and she then has this to enjoy for years to come.


sahmof3 - January 23

My mom did one for my shower that was cute. This will only work, I guess, if you know what your friend is naming her baby. Anyway, my daughter is LEAH... so my mom had everyone write a poem and use each letter of her name to start a line of the poem. Then she gathered them all and read them anonymously and I chose the one I thought was the best. Just for fun... here it is... my mom was the winner!....the poem goes, "(L) ovely little la__sy, (E) legant, cute and ga__sy, (A) lways sweet and sa__sy, (H) ow we love our la__sy."


aurorabunny - January 24

Dang I was getting ready to post all my favorite ideas about the baby food tasting game, the diaper raffle, and the words of advice on the index cards...and they were all already here. You guys are GOOD!! LOL...I will throw in the ice cube game. At a shower I threw, I bought packages of those little tiny plastic baby dolls (in the cake decorating isle at Wal-Mart) and filled an ice cube tray half full, froze it, then placed the babys in and filled the other half of the cubes and it freezes with the baby inside. Each guest gets an ice cube and whoever can "birth" their baby first (get it to melt) WITHOUT using their mouths, gets the prize. I don't know if you have kids coming or not, but this was a big hit with the younger ones...


Rabbits07 - January 24

I've got to write some of these down as I will be hosting my sister's baby shower this spring! I love that ice cube idea Here is a fun one we did at my baby shower before last...(lol)....use a baby doll that is pretty close to newborn size (hopefully there's already a girl in the family that you can borrow this from). Lay naked baby on the table with a complete set of clothing (diaper, socks, booties, t-shirt or onsie, shirt, get the pic). The object of the game is to see who can dress baby the quickest....while blindfolded. It was so funy at my shower watching the ladies try to do sounds much easier than it is. It was especially funny when baby would slip out of their hands and then they'd be fumbling around on the floor trying to find it blindfolded!


EMBERBABY - January 24

I threw a babyshower for a coworker and we had this game. Fill a bowl (preferably clear gla__s so everyone can see the players's hands) with rice and put some medium sized safety pins (the ones used for cloth diapers) and with the player blindfolded use a timer to see how many safety pins she can find. You willl be amazed at how many pins go through your hands when you can't see them.


Erynn21 - January 24

Thank you all, these are really great. The diaper idea is super, wish I someone come up w/ that for mine. I like the tv show one, also, I'm a tv watcher, so for me it would be fun. Baby food idea is fun too, I'd like to taste some of the things m/ lo will be tasting soon to see if they are wretched or not. I knew I could count on you all to help me. Thanks.


Rabbits07 - January 24

I'm bookmarking this it will still come up in a couple of months.


CaliTrish - January 24

We had all the guests bring baby photos of themselves, numbered the pics, and had a fun time guessing who was who. (Make sure you cover up any dates and names on the front and back.)


momma0710 - January 24

At my shower we decided to make it co-ed so the men could come, we had a bbq and NO GAMES and let me tell ya it was (not just because it was mine) the best shower I've ever been to!! I know we feel like we are supposed to play those games but i'm telling you not playing them was a lot more fun, people talked to each other and just hung out... but if you enjoy the games then hers is a couple i played at a shower last weekend: finish the nursery rhyme, word jummble using baby related words... gift cards to different stores always makes for fun prizes.



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