Graco Quattro Tour Worth The Money

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Mellissa - May 11

hey ya'll.. i told my hubby he can pick out the travel system we buy for our baby boy (due in july). he picked out the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe travel system.. i couldn't help but notice that it happens to be one of the most expensive travel systems on the website. I would love to get it, it's really nice. i just want to know if anyone has it and if it has been worth the money? he is in iraq, so this is my way of making him more involved in the whole baby thing and I don't want to break his heart by saying it's too expensive. i guess i just want to justify spending that much money (yes, i'm cheap. lol) i had a much cheaper stroller/carseat set for my daughter and had no problems... but like i said, this one if really nice, and it's something my hubby wants. So i just want some opinions on it. :) thanks a bunch in advance!!!


YC - May 11

I have it and I am not impressed. It is very bulky. I have a Ford Escaoe and it takes up most of the cargo space. Also the fabric on it is ripping. We bouth insirance on it at Babies R Us so they are replacing it. My dd's head wobbled all around in the car seat. We had to try several differnt things to keep her head steady (rolling up a blanket to put around the head rest, etc). The little shade on the carseat is coming apart at the seams. If I had to do it all over again I would not have purchased this stroller however it is ranked #1 with Consumer Reports for safety (which is why we got the darn thing). My dd is 20 weeks so she will be growing out of it in the next few months.


Maggie - May 11

Hi Mellissa. I have to disagree with YC, because I LOVE this stroller. I live in NYC so I don't drive, and basically walk everywhere. I have walked this stroller all over Brooklyn and its still in great condition. I feel like my dd is very safe in this stroller because it handles really well. The handle-bar is high up so you don't get a backache, and you can fit a lot in the basket. The one I have also has a temperature reading and clock on the cup holder, and there is a place under the cup holder for wipes. I do have to agree with YC about the car seat headrest being terrible, but I just bought another headrest and it was fine. It is big and bulky, but it is also in my opinion one of, if not THE safest stroller on the market. When my dd gets bigger and needs an umbrella stroller I'm going to buy the Graco Mosaic.


JAI - May 11

We have the Quattro and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it, everything about it, the carseat was great and now just using the stroller is great. Folds up perfect and is so nice and smooth to push, worth every penny.


LisaB - May 11

We love love love our Quattro travel system, my only problem is that the wheels are almost worn out on it however baby and I walk all the time so its normal wear and tear. I love it.


Mellissa - May 11

thank you all so much for your responses!! everything you have said has been very helpful. i like the fact that it is ranked #1 in safety. i don't know if the bulkiness will be a problem or not.. i have a truck, so it will go in the back. the headrest situation does worry me a little, but i know i can purchase one separately. thanks again everyone!!


YC - May 11

Looks like I am the only one who hates it LOL!!! It comes very highly recommended and is super safe. Hope you like it!


natalia - May 14

I love mine so much, I bought second set for grandma's. One of them is Roxy print I ordered online, its beautiful and sturdy. It is bulky, but strong and well made.


Heather F - May 15

the only problem with the Quattro is that it is so heavy - over 20 lbs - there is no way I could lift it out of my trunk every time I needed it - for this reason I got the lighter weight model - the travellight



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