Grandma S Advice

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mandee25 - February 2

Do you have any advice (good or bad) that grandma gave you about babies? Mine told me that when ds has gas the part above his upper lip will turn bluish. It's true.


sahmof3 - February 2

Mine said, "You are too big, there's twins in there." (When I was pregnant, of course lol). She was wrong, but he WAS 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4"... more actual baby weight then some people I know who did have twins, so I guess she was somewhat right ;-)


Deirdra - February 2

Well my Grandma has given to much advice to remember...but i will say they have the best intuition...My grandma see's my son at least 4 times a week. We have had problems with his eating and him getting sick...But i tell you every single time even a hitn of he was getting sick...she knew...every before he was even sick she knew...its weird...


Erynn21 - February 2

My Grandma gives nothing but bad advice, I don't trust anything she says. She told me to feed my dd cereal at 3 wks, and that if she stood on my lap she's go bowlegged, lol. So I guess with her you just have to grin and bear it, because everything she says is false.


kris313 - February 2

My gran had 10 kids, so I trust everything she tells me! The best advice so far - hot water bottle on the tummy for gas and a little karo syrup in the bottle for constipation. Saved me from spending a TON of money on those gas drops!


CyndiG - February 2

This is funny! My husbands grandmother, who has pa__sed now, told me to take my 2 week old dd inside because the wind would give her a belly ache. It was July the 4th! I have never and will never forget that! :O}


sahmof3 - February 2

This isn't advice... just my MIL's "theory"... but when my oldest was a late talker it was (according to her) because we did all of his talking for him and when my other two were earlier it was because we talked a lot to them and they picked up on the speech earlier LOL.


Emily - February 2

my hubby's grandma told me with my oldest to put a little b___st milk in the eye that had the clugged duck. I thought it a bit strange, but tried it cause I really didnt want to have to wat till she was six mos have it unclogged (which sounded painful) and it worked! I have heard it helps with pink eye too.



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