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mandee25 - February 23

Don't take this the wrong way but I was just wondering if becoming a mommy is nothing the way you pictured it whilst pregnant? I had visions of mommyhood and expectations of what it would be like. Of course, everyone warned me about things like not ever sleeping right again and things like that but I pictured being a mom in a different way than it actually is. I love my ds with all my heart and love being his mommy but am I the only one here that pictured it very different. It is SO much harder than I thought!!! I don't even know what I am trying to say here. Since having my baby my brain has taken a little vacation. Maybe I am just having a bad day but anyways, just wanted to vent.


waiting100 - February 23

How old is your baby? I have an almost 11 month old and this has absolutely been the hardest year of my life!! Life chaning having a baby, isnt it? Now that my ds is getting older he is so much more fun! Are you able to take a "you" day one day a week? I have one (I put ds in daycare 1 day a week)- and this has been heaven.


shelly - February 23

I so felt like that with my 1st baby but one my 2nd i knew exactly what to expect so the rough parts such as not ever getting enough sleep,worry about them and life totally changing were so much easier this time around. i found it so much easier to enjoy 2nd ds as it wasnt all so new and overwhelming, with 1st ds i totally muddled through it. my brain has still taken a vacation this time around as well tho lol. god it is hard though ,you definatly need me time.when i went out the 1st time without my ds i was worry that i wouldnt be able to walk in a straight line without the pram[i really thought this lol] with my 1st ds when i was pregnant i really thought it would be easy[i wasnt] i think the lack of sleep is the hardest to take and when your tired everything seems harder.



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