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Layla - July 10

Has anyone tried this? How old was you LO? And how well did it work?


YC - July 10

I used it with my dd. She had colic and it was awful. I took the baby's bliss gripe water into my ped. so he could look at all the indgredients and approve it. He said it was fine. In my opinion it really works. You could hear it working...literally...her little tummy would rumble and she was able to pa__s gas and overall just looked like she felt better. It didnt cure the colic but it did calm her and really helped. I swear by the stuff! Good luck!


ssmith - July 10

I tried it with my daughter when she was maybe 3 weeks old or so. I didn't think that it worked at all. I tried giving it to her when she was in pain (she had crying episodes in the evenings) and it didn't seem to help her. I even tried giving it to her every 4 hours during the day to see if I could prevent her from having her evening pains...but that didn't help either. I guess it all depends on the baby. It certainly won't do any harm though...


Layla - July 11

Thank you ladies. I've tried it on ds and it seems to be working and I'm so relieved!


kristie h - July 11

Hi i used it on my son when he was just over a month old and i stll use it and he is 1.5 i would recamend it to anyone its great and works fast.


Lindsey - July 11

Not sure if it's the same in the US but gripe water is not recommended to babies until they are a month old. Just wanted to let you know so you can check with your doctor.


JEN - July 12

YES! I used colic calm gripe water for my son's gas- it worked sooooo well. We tried all the other brands, but the colic calm was the best for us.


krista-lee - July 12

i use it. i mix a little with an ounce of water and give it to her between feedings once a day. ive been doing this since she was about a week old (she had colic, but its getting a little better now)


Lindsey - July 13

Did you give the gripe water directly into the mouth or did you mix it with their formula?


YC - July 13

I gave it to her directly. I would mearure it in the syringe thingy then I would get a clean nipple squirt it into that and she would suck it out of there. This is the only way she would take it. Of course once all the grip water was out I took the nipple out a.s.a.p. so she wasn't sucking in air.


Sarahsmommy - July 14

I used the Wellness gripe water and it worked wonderful for her colic. She would suck on the syringe like it was a nipple or something so I had no trouble giving it to her.


Sarahsmommy - July 14

OH she was about 2 months old.



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