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cherryMay - March 12

my 24day old baby had a gas pain. I just gave her gripe water for the 1st time and i dont understand why she's having a hiccup after giving it to her. Does this thing really work?


flower.momma - March 12

Maybe the sweetness or coldness of the gripe water caused the hiccups. My son had horrible gas, and gripe water worked wonders. It doesn't work for every baby, but he sure felt relief.


cherryMay - March 12

i just fed her so should i give it to her again?


Felisha - March 12

where do you get gripe water? and hiccups dont hurt the baby if it helps the gas then by all means give it to her.


jenrodel - March 12

Gripe water worked very well for my son as well. I'm not sure why it would cause hiccups, but they aren't harmful... my son gets them all the time! Regards giving it to her again, just be sure not to exceed the recommended dosage... I think it is 3 times in a 24 hour period? I could be wrong. Check the box. Felisha - I got gripe water at Superstore.... I think you can get it lots of places, most pharmacies, probably WalMart etc....


EMBERBABY - March 12

Gripe water also worked great for dd. I love gripe water! Felisha, you can get gripe water at babies r us the little remedies brand.


BriannasMummy - March 12

Gripe water is a miracle worker. My dd had painful gas a couple of times when she was abut a month old.. one minute she was crying.. gave her that stuff.. the next minute she was happily sitting in her bouncy chair! Amazing stuff! Felisha.. I got my gripe water at walmart.. u can also get it at some grocery stores and babies r us. ~Kristin~


cherryMay - March 13

i gave it to her again last night and after 45 mins she was asleep. I think it work.


mandee25 - March 13

It worked for us but sometimes it takes a few minutes.


venus_in_scorpio - March 13

what is gripe water... is that like mylicon?



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