Gripe Water

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Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 6

Christy (Ben's momma) got me curious about this, and so I asked my pharmacy guy about it ... and he printed off some sheets of paper from a site called ... Gripe Water is an old traditional European remedy that contains supposedly safe, fast, effective NATURAL ingredients and has been used by mothers for over a century to provide relief from the discomforts of: colic, stomach cramps, hiccups, gas, and teething. Relief supposedly occurs within 5-20 minutes ... contains ginger, fennel, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and fructose ... at least this brand called BABY'S BLISS GRIPE WATER does ... that is, if you can find it in your American stores ... I can't find it in my town. :(


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 6

I'm in UK and I find it in Asda (wall mart). Other than that you can get in from online.


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 6

Thank you very much ... do you know from experience if it works?


Narcissus - January 6

I read that you should not buy it from oversea sources bc the original recipe contains alcohol and it is banned in the US. Make sure to read the label if buying from out of the US. I am not sure if the European brands still contain alcohol, but I read this in American Baby one month ago.


Amy - January 6

I live in Canada, and you can find it in any pharmacy. I know they even sell at the supermarket in the baby section. I would use it on my 4 month old when she was feeling ga__sy and i found that it worked. Good luck :o)


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 6

I wonder why it's not as well known here?


lauren - January 6

things in the states are just different, i live in canada and i had never heard of nursery water, we don't have it here. But i can buy gripe water in any pharmacy!! wierd huh? I use gripe water for my little girl when her tummy is upset, it works great!


Sophie's Grandma - January 7

It works! And I bet your grandmother's used it as well. Back in the day women would use a little pickle brine (the liquid) , water, and baking soda as a home made mixture. Dill is good to settel an upset tummy, it helps to bring up the ga__s. The stuff has been used around the world for a long time. Yes it use to contain a touch of alcohol. Always read labels! When your little is beside themself whaling it's worth a try. I made sure a bottle was on hand before my granddaughter was born (Dec. 13:)...just in case


TC - January 7

I just use good ole' fashion tea and it works wonders. Gripe water is sold everywhere here in NY.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 7

There is no alcohol in the one I use! It costs £2 a bottle and it's the best thing I have ever bought! I used it on my 1st son, my daughter and now on Ben. Neither of my babies have had colic (Ben did up untill I started using this)


ndidi - January 7

baby just fell down few minutes ago on the rug carpet, he's just 2 months old, how dangerous is that


karine - January 7

here in canada, you can find grip water everywhere. even at my grocerie store. LOL I get a huge 250ml bottle for 3.99$ Their is a variety of company's that makes it, including, teddy's choice, president's choice, and 2 other ones.


?????!!!!! - January 7

to ndidi, your question is so not related to this subject!


Lisastar9 - January 7

TO ?????!!!!! Who care about what you think ndidi maybe asked a very important question . To ndidi......if your baby did fall on the carpet how is she/he doing now?


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 7

Thank ya'll for the responses ... hey, TC, what do you do with the tea?


TC - January 8

I brew it like it it should and put a little of it in his bottle. My son never had colic, though, just really bad gas cramps. Gave him some tea and he would practicaly b__w a hole in his diaper! LOL! Whenever my dh and I have gas we drink tea and it has the same effect.


to lisastar9 - January 8

who also cares what you think! obviously if it was a crisis, ndidi would have responded to you already! whatever!



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