Gripe Water Amp Pooping Need Advice Please

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C - February 5

I tried it for the first time last night, half a dose. He hasn't stopped pooping, it happens about every half hour or so. He normally goes once a day or every other. Has anyone experienced this? Any advice? Thanks.


Kaeli - February 5

Oh wow, I just gave my little one gripe water for the first time today (like 2 hours ago) he has already pooped once. I will let you know how it goes! What brand are you using? Mine is Baby Bliss.


C - February 5

So is this. :( I guess there's a chance he could just be coming down with something, but the pooping did start after the gripe water.


lacy - February 5

Wow, thats crazy. Is your baby okay now Kaeli? Did it make the baby any less fussy?


Kimmy - February 5

I give my little guy (3 months) gripe water all the time when he's ga__sy and i've never noticed a difference in his pooping.


C - February 5

Thanks for sharing that, Kimmy. All I know is that's the only different thing I've done and it started after that. He might be getting ill???


Kimmy - February 5

How old is he C?


C - February 6

He's two months old.


Kaeli - February 6

Well I think it must have been a coincidence that he pooped right after I gave it to him. But I gave it to him again and he spit up all over me... And I mean ALL OVER ME.. I dont know if it was the gripe water or if it was another coincidence? Lacy - He seemed a bit less fussy, he has been really sleepy, I read on the baby bliss website, that sometimes they sleep longer after taking this because they are so much more relaxed and not it pain. Kimmy - What brand of gripe water do you use? I used to watch a little girl that used gripe water as well, but it had peppermint in it, I would like to try that one. I heard peppermint is excellent for digestion. Oh and btw Maddox is one month.


SAHM - February 6

Yes gripe water will give the baby the poops, it helps there stomach ache and gas so this softens the babies stool try giving it to the baby in really small doses when the baby has a belly ache, try a brand for gas that is called OVAL it helps gas and shouldnt give the baby the poops


Erin - February 6

The oval drops are great! I found that my daughter used to throw up everytime I gave her the gripe water. Once I found the Oval drops, they seemed to work better, and she digested them better too.



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