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3babies - February 1

Just reading a couple of the posts about germs reminded me that when my oldest son was around 12 or 18 months old we were in a queue in target. These ladies behind me were chatting to him as I was unloading my trolley ... then out of the corner of my eye I see one of them offering him a sip of her coke, from the straw she was drinking from ... what the h__l? Firstly, who would offer a child they didnt know a drink from their bottle ( and sorry if I sound judgemental, but she didnt look like anyone I wanted to share anything with), also who would offer a baby coke? Obviously her kids were probably bought up on the stuff! I almost dived across the trolley and wrestled it from her before he could get it!!! Still makes my skin crawl five years later !!!


AshleyB - February 1

eww, o my goodness!!


KLC - February 1

OMG that is unbelievable!!!! You handled yourself better than I would have!!! I hate when I take the baby somewhere and people are always touching his hands and talking to him right near his face. I feel like putting up a perimeter around him to keep people out!!!!


sahmof3 - February 1



BusyBee - February 1

Yuck! Some people have no clue! We have no idea where their lips/hands have been!


eclipse - February 1

Thats disgusting! I also hate when people want to always touch a baby's hands, knowing that they put their hands in their mouth. That grosses me out too-I"ve almost swatted people away for that. Ah, the joys of antibacterial wet naps. And what is the deal with everyone wanting to touch your baby when you are in public? I should put a velvet rope around him LOL Seriously, who offers their coke to a baby? Coke? And theirs? What?!


aurorabunny - February 1

GROSS!! Sometimes I hear people venting about old ladies grabbing their babies and stuff and I know while annoying that's just kind of something you have to deal with, but THAT is out of control!! I think I would have had to look her straight in the eye and be like "What the HELL is wrong with you?" LOL...


mandee25 - February 1

WHAT THE ..........? Can you imagine? Where was her common sense. I would feel the same as you 3babies. That is just sick!


Crissy - February 1

That is nasty! I can't even imagine...


piratesmermaid - February 1

Gag me, that is so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cae - February 1

Yuck....I cant believe someone would just do. What were they thinking???...


missy - February 1

That is so nasty; why would anyone in their right mind ever do that?? By the way where are you from--thats cute you call it trolley!!!!



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