Grouchy For No Reason

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Lissi - November 8

Nadya was a little angel yesterday, then suddenly at about 10pm, she started crying non-stop and she's still in that mood today. Every time she wakes up, she's p___sed off. She sounds really angry! She's had crying fits before, but never this bad. I've tried everything with her. Feeding, changing, rocking, sleeping, colic drops and she doesn't appear to be ill either. Aaaarrrggghhh! Can babies cry for no reason>? I feel really stressed! :(


Silvie - November 8

If Nadya is still an infant she wouldnt cry for no reason. Infants dont cry just b/c they want upset parents. Looks like colic to me. Or may be cold or warm. I know it is not easy, I have a hard time with my four week old son too,but I know I must be patient for now. Just remember not to leave her alone when she cries.


Jamie - November 8

Have you tried sticking your finger in her mouth, and seeing her reaction? Renity was like that - I put my finger in her mouth, and she bit down HARD - it's how I figured out she was teething.


Rachael momy2lucas - November 8

Yes! They certainly can. They have mood swings too. I tell my little guy he is the crabbiest baby I ever met. He'll be laughing and talking one minute and screaming and crying the next! He likes to keep me hopping


Lissi - November 8

I'll try the finger test next time she wakes up and scowls at me. Is 7 weeks too young to be teething? She's definitely prone to mood swings (Takes after me!). I had such a lovely day with her yesterday, I can't believe how quickly she changed. I wish she could talk!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 8

Lucas has been really gnawing on his hands the last few weeks, and trying to bite my fingers. When he gets one of my fingers he bites hard! It actually hurts me. He is 12 weeks old tomorrow so I imagine he is beginning to teeth too. he likes it if I put a cool teether on his gums or use my finger to ma__sage them for him.


angel - November 8

hi has nadya been on a new formula or anything new? sometimes babies can devolp colic out of the blue over something they are drinking im not sure if she is but if she does this a lot after eating she might be also its getting cold she could be developing a cold sometimes babies will be off or grumpy for a few days before a cold. good lck :)


Jbear - November 9

What to Expect the First Year says, "Some newborn crying, however, seems entirely unrelated to basic needs. Four out of five babies, in fact, have daily crying sessions of from 15 minutes to an hour that are not easily explained...A sudden bout of crying, however, in a baby who hasn't cried a lot before could signal illness or early teething. Check for fever and other signs that baby isn't well or might be teething, and call the doctor if you note anything out of the ordinary." So yes, they can cry for no reason, and yes, they can teethe that early. You can usually feel a bump on the outer part of the gum when they start teething. Most babies get their bottom front teeth first. My 12 week old is getting her canine teeth...she's going to look like a baby vampire.



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