GRRRRR Need Diaper Advice

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sashasmama - November 6

My little guy is now 4 months old and is exclusively br___tfed, so he has runny explosive poops about 2 times per day. He's quite big for his age and is in size 3 diapers. The problem is that his poop ALWAYS comes up the back of the diaper! I've tried Huggies with the elastic band, Pampers Swaddlers, now we're using Luvs, and it happens in all of them! I seriously don't know what to do, because the only thing that prevents this from happening is him being in an upright position while he's pooping. I change his diaper all the time, so it's not like it's full when this happens. His poopy stains alllll of his clothes and it's so hard to get out, I have to soak it in bleach and detergent and wash it by hand. Please let me know which diaper brand you think is best for this!


jaa - November 6

I hope someone will have an easier answer for you, since many people are overwhelmed by this thought, but I would recommend cloth diapers for that problem. I don't use them exclusively; only about 4/day, but I NEVER have leaky explosions when DD is in her cloth diapers (and she is exclusively b___stfeed, with some real whopper explosions at times, too). I'm sure you've heard this before, but cloth really aren't tricky... and would you believe somehow that poop that stains clothes comes right out of the diapers? (We use bumgenius.) Like magic!!! Good luck.


mjvdec01 - November 7

It just happens and there is really nothing you can do about it. The force pushes it right up and out. I have never used cloth, but maybe it would be better for you?


stefkay - November 7

Elena! Hey, how is everything? Ava has these same poops about twice a day too! The first one is the worst and always in the morning. I always read that if this happens, the diaper is too small and it's time to move up in size. Maybe try that? What size is after 3? It isn't 4 is it? I'm still new to this so bear with me, lol. Ava is in size 2 Pampers, but I can see it won't be too long before 3s will fit.


sashasmama - November 8

Jaa, I've been wanting to use cloth for so long now, but really can't afford it right now. How many do you think I'd need right away? I know they are about $19 a piece. I applied at miraclediapers (they give away free cloth diapers) and it's been about 2 months and I haven't heard anything back from them. The thing is that when my daughter was a baby this only happened once or twice and only because we didn't put the diaper on tight enough. So I'm wondering maybe it's a boy thing? I guess their package is in the way of where the poopy would go? STEF! I just typed you a whole post and then it said "duplicate entry" and it all just dissapeared! Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch, too much crazyness over here. E-mail me when you get a chance because now I don't have time to type it all over again!


sashasmama - November 8

Oh yeah, Stef, I did just go up in size about 2 weeks ago because this started happening, but for some reason it's STILL happening even though the diaper is bigger. Today I was looking and him and thinking that he probably needs a size 4....That sucks though because they're more expensive! My dauther didn't have to wear 4 until she was like 8 months old? He's already almost 18 lbs!


sarah21 - November 8

Well the Luvs worked for my baby. The only advice I can offer is to soak all his clothes in Oxiclean. It gets the poop out really easily.


jaa - November 8

sashasmama, i have 12 bumgenius 2.0 one-size diapers. 12 is good for me, so i can use 4/day and only wash them at the end of every 3rd day. you could probably get away with 6 , use only 3/day, and wash at the end of every 2nd day, if you don't mind running the washer for a small load. i know a few weeks ago i saw some 2.0's on ebay for around $15, since bumgenius is now making a 3.0 version, so maybe you can find a good deal there or somewhere. i know the price is a little steep to pay all at once, but the more often you use the ones you have, the more you save. (i often think about how many i'm using and try to figure how long it takes me to save a whole bag of disposables. makes changing diapers almost fun... almost...) let me know what you find. oh, i should mention: i hear there's a site that sells a variety pack of cloth diapers so you can trial several brands before ordering a whole bunch of one... that might have been on the cotton babies website. sorry i don't remember. maybe someone else knows?


smmom2 - November 8

Well..I have worked in child care for 15yrs and this problem usually occurs when the diapers is not on tight enough ( and like someone else said crooked) and when it is to small. Follow the weight on the packages, and use your judgment, If it looks to small, go up in size. Also..I have found that shout works wonders on the poopy stains. As for the cloth diapers, I have never used them. I think with those you have to have the plastic covers. Anyways...hope it helps. Oh...I have found Pampers to be the best, try the cruisers...and you can get the big value boxes at places like babiesrus...or even look online.


jaa - November 9

luckily, no plastic diaper covers with today's cloth diapers. so much better than the old days! these don't even let the baby feel the wetness, nor do they leak or need plastic for containment. you'll love them, if you can find them for the right price.


britt_m - November 10

I made my own cloth diapers you can find quite a few free patterns online. I'm far from a crafty person either! But if its still a bit too costly maybe you could try buying those gerber plastic diaper covers. They're cheap, you can find them at walmart and target you'd only need one package, they come with 3? Then you could just use them during her "poopy-times" hey at least you'd save from staining anymore clothes. I hope you figure this out, good luck!


sashasmama - November 13

Jaa! I got approved and miraclediapers and they are sending me 12 of them! All I had to do was pay the shipping and handling fee. I can't wait to use them! I still don't know what brand they are, so we'll see.


smmom2 - November 14

SAsha...I just applied for the diapers as well...I want to give cloth diapers a whirl....but wow...they are really expensive.



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