Gunky Eye Sans Belly

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Sarabossypants - January 26

What causes a green gunky eye, and how do you get rid of it? Also my three month old about two weeks ago was starting to do the little push ups and raising her little chest of the ground, but now she wont do it anymore, in fact she doesn't like being on her belly at all even for a few moments. Is there something wrong?


Lisastar9 - January 26

A gunty eye is caused most likely pink eye. Wash the eye out with water from the inside beside the nose to the outside. Use a clean spot on the cloth everytime you wipe. Pink eye is contagious. Your can try b___stmilk in the eye it might help relieve some of the problem. Most likely you dd/ds needs meds to clear it up. As for tummy time some babies just hate it mine did . There is nothing wrong with your child for not continueing to do their new milestone. They all seem to come and go at a blink of an eye.


lexa - January 26

My dd hates tummy time!!!! As for the green gunky eye...that sounds like some type of infection/cold. Is it running? I would put a call in to ped to get that checked just to be on the safe side. Sorry couldn't really help:-( good luck


Mingill - January 26

The eye could have an infection in it, a home remedy is to put some b___stmilk in her eye, just a drop or two. The antibodies contained in the b___stmilk will help fight off whatever the infection is. Also clean the eye gunk with a clean warm moist cloth - a different corner per eye. If the infection is serious, go see your doctor. As far as the raising up goes, babies get bored of things. So maybe she is just tired of the raising up, give her time she'll do it again when she wants to. My DS hates tummy time, but he has moments where he doesn't mind so much, it comes and goes.


piratesmermaid - January 26

Green usually means infection. My dd had a recurrent blocked tear duct that caused white/cream colored gunk, so we just used a warm rag to keep her eye clean and it eventually went away. It sounds like that's what your baby has, only that it got infected. Common, but you're gonna want to take your lo to the ped so you can get it cleared up. As far as the belly thing, some babies just don't like tummy time, like others have said.


BriannasMummy - January 26

My dd also had green gunky stuff in her eye so on Monday I took her to the doctor. The doctor told me that its nothing to worry about.. and that some babies just get that. He told me to use a wet clothe and wash it from the inside out.. Did that. and her eye is perfect.. as if there is nothing wrong at all. My dd also hates being on her tummy.. she doesnt cry.. she just flips herself over.. she has been doing that since 3 weeks old. I really dont think there is anything wrong with her... a lot of babies just dont like it. ~Kristin~


ash2 - January 26

yup, sounds like pinkeye to me hun !



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