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vonzo - January 22

I feel really disappointed at the moment. I was playing on the floor with my dd having a giggle, then she just started playing with her hanging toys on her own quite happily so i decided to take the dishes through to the kitchen while i had the chance. I stacked the dishwasher, and heard my dd grumble a bit so went through to check and she'd managed to roll over from back to front all on her own. I really wish i'd seen it and am gutted that i didn't :o( Of coursei spent the next hour watching her like a hawk to see her do it again but she hasn't. Any other mum's miss anything like this?


BreaunasMommy - January 22

aww Im so sorry you missed it. Dont feel to bad about it. She will do it plenty more times but I know what you mean about missing a first. How old is your lo? btw congrats on this wonderful milestone now you have to be extra careful not to lay her on something she can roll off of ;)


sahmof3 - January 22

I missed my dd's first step! I was out with my best friend for a girls' night out (it was our last hoorah... we were both pregnant... I was due in a month and she was due the month after me!). Anyhoo... guess who decides to take her first step, plus a bonus one, for her daddy while I am gone??? I was so upset at first, but then honestly I was relieved because she was 16 months old already... I was due to have her little brother the next month... and I was a huge elephant lol. So, I was a bit relieved she had finally started walking so I wouldn't have to carry her everywhere. Still, it's a little moment I missed out on and it makes me a little sad when I think about it.


vonzo - January 22

she's 17 weeks, she's started doing everything in the last 2 weeks, determined wee thing. She's just this minute started giving kissys and its cheered me up no end! i'll kiss her cheek, then put my cheek on hers and say where's mummys kissy and she'll turn round mouth open and drool on my cheek. its soooo adorable! i thought it was a fluke but ive tried loads of times and she does it every time :o)


Erynn21 - January 22

Well I didn't exactly miss Nora rolling over , but I turned for a sec to straighten the blanket and she rolled and bonked her little head on the floor. She rolled really fast so it sent her over so fast her little neck kinda whipped and she bumped her head. I felt bad, but she barely cried.


Kara H. - January 22

Max has given his first smile, laugh and roll to other people than me. And I only work 18 hours a week! What a complete crock. There is 168 hours in a week and he decided to have his milestones during the 18 hours that I am gone.


HannahBaby - January 22

Tons and Tons of mothers miss important stuff like this EVERYDAY as they have to go to work and leave their babies with sitters or a day care.....


vonzo - January 22

i know that hannah, doesnt stop you getiing a little disappointed though, especially when it's your first baby.


EMBERBABY - January 22

Ahhh that sucks vonzo, I'm sorry you missed it. Keep watching her like a hawk {{HUGS}}


ash2 - January 22

Dont worry vonzo, i missed my first baby crawl for the first time !


ash2 - January 22

Oh, yeah i was at work ....


piratesmermaid - January 22

Yep. :( I was getting ready for my friends rehersal dinner and I missed the first back to front roll, too. I was so mad at myself!!!!!!!


Angiconda - January 22

I can totally relate. I had been practicing rolling over with ds and one night when he was at my mils house we came back to get him and she was like oh yeah he rolled over.....I was a little dissapointed. I kind of felt robbed lol



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