Had To Do The Baby Heimlich Yesterday

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ginger6363 - April 28

It was so scary. My dd (8 mo) started choking on a gerber yogurt melts (the ones that are supposed to melt in their mouths!!!). She could not cough it out and started turning purple. I had to quickly remove her from her highchair and dh performed the baby heimlich on her. After 2-3 pushes the yogurt bite was dislodged---it hadn't melted hardly at all. She was shaken and cried for about 5 minutes afterwards (I was crying too!) . I comforted her and she's fine now. It was so terrible. I will never buy those yogurt melts again!!! In fact, I think I will write Gerber about it. Those things are too big. The are about the size of nickel or even a little bigger, and they take a while to melt (not like the Gerber puffs).


margie - April 28

holy c___p ginger, that is so frightening! i would definetely write/call gerber about this, that is really unsafe and they need to change this so that other babies dont go through it. i dont even know how to do the baby heimlich so im really scared now about my dd choking once she starts to eat more solid food...i am going to take a baby first aid cla__s now for sure! im so happy that your little girl is ok.


angelinakai - April 28

aww sweetie that is terrible! im so sorry that that happened to you and your your dd. Good job taking action so well and quickly.


ginger6363 - April 28

oh, thanks ladies. Just wanted to tell ya'll to be careful with those melts. And yes, I recommend an infant first aid cla__s, you nvr know when you will need it! It may have just saved my dd life yesterday!


mjvdec01 - April 28

You could also call gerber. The number is 1-800-4-Gerber. I am so glad you and your hubby knew what to do.


eclectic66 - April 28

OMG!! How scary!!! I am so glad she is ok!! I can't believe Gerber has a product out there that is so dangerous for babies!! Ty for letting us know about that!! I will be sure to NOT buy those. You did say the Puffs are ok though?? Because I was thinking about buying some of those next week for ds who is 9 months old. They instantly melt in their mouth right??


ginger6363 - April 29

Yes, my dd has no problem with the puffs, they melt super fast at least 2-3x times faster than the yogurt melts (I tested them). Thanks mjvdec, I called Gerber and they expressed concern and said they'd log the complaint and send it to the right person. They were very nice. The lady did say that the melts are probably best for tots 1-3 yrs, unlike the puffs which are for younger babies. I wish they'd mark the labels more clearly...there is no recommended age on them.


Crystal83 - April 29

A baby choking has always been one of my biggest fears. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, but thank God your LO is okay now. You must've been so shaken up! I was looking at those yogurt melts in the store the other day, but I didn't buy any and now I'm glad I didn't. Thanks for the info.


llukenjess - April 29

OMG just thinking about that made me cry too!! that is soo scary i'm so happy that everything is ok!


gurinsa - April 29

I was looking at the yogurt melts too!! Can you describe what your dh did? Did he whack her back first and have to turn her over? Or did the back "slaps" work?


ginger6363 - April 30

no, we didn't start with the back slap (but in retrospect we should have). My dh administered infant chest compressions. He held her against him, her back to his chest (she was facing me) and put two fingers under her sternum and pressed up a couple of times. I couldn't see because his hands were under her bib. It took a couple of thrusts but the yogurt melt was dislodged. ehow (dot) com has good info with pictures (I read them after our scare to bone up)---just search under "How to Help a Choking Infant"


kimberly - April 30

Wow! Glad she is ok. My second son did that on the fruit chews made by gerber. He was about 16 months at the time. I freaked and all I could think of was to try and pull it out. I could see it in his throat so I put my finger in and tried to sweep it out and it made him puke it up. So it worked but since I have took a cla__s and am certified in infant cpr. It is nice to be able to respond if something was to happen again.


ginger6363 - April 30

wow, kim. I hear you. I want to take a cla__s now too...I've take adult cpr but it's been a while. I am going to be much more careful about the so called "baby foods". You just a__sume that b/c it's marketed for babies it's safe...and that's not always true.


docbytch - May 1

You guys did awesome saving her like that. It IS the scariest thing that can happen to a baby and my biggest fear of all.....even though I've had the training to deal with it. So glad your bby girl is okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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