Hair Care For AFRICAN AMERICAN Infants

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YC - May 7

Hello ladies. My dd is 20 weeks old and obviously African American by the t_tle of my questions LOL!!! I was just wondering what other mothers of black infants were using in their little ones hair. My dd was born with a ton of hair...tight curls. We haven't been using anything up until this point but now that it is getting longer we need something. It tends to get a frizzy look to it and I have to come out the back when she wakes up because it gets tangled because she likes to move her head back and forth throughout the night. Any suggestions? My MIL and mother have given me some but they are a little old school and I always think to myself "I'm not putting that in my babies hair" ha!ha! Thanks ladies!


Marlene - May 8

My son has straight here for now so I use baby oil but my little brother had tight curls as well and we just used baby oil. We were to scared to put anything else in his hair because he was a baby and the hair grease we use we wouldnt put in his hair. have you tried baby oil??


lauren - May 8

My best friend is African American, and her son has the tightest little curls! She uses baby oil or baby lotion. She just uese her fingers to get it through the hair then uses a wide toothed comb to comb it out. It makes his hair sooooooo soft and shiny, is beautiful :) She also washes his hair less frequantly,because it dries it up.


Lalla - May 8

This might be a stupid question that I am directing to Marlene. I am a white mother to an African American 2 months old baby girl. She has straight hair for now like your son, and I wash her hair with Aveeno baby wash and shampoo. To my question: what do you use the baby oil for? Does your son have a dry scalp ordo you use it for something else...? My dh has really tight curls and dry scalp and uses grownup products for that. I have a lot to learn, my hair is the complete opposite, straight and oily!! My dd hair is curly when it is wet, but then straightens when it dries, so it will most likely get curly as well. Thank you in advance for your answer.


TC - May 8

Well my son has ALOT of hair. Curls for days. (you can see for yourself at )Right now I use Baby lotion on it and that works. Most babies hair falls out in the back regardless of the kind of hair or ethnicity. Oh and baby oil works too, but its a bit too greasy for my taste.


MystinaAlise - May 8

ok im white but my little girls are black and this baby is going to be mixed... ive always used baby lotion and as they got older spray conditioner or a little baby oil...


Marlene - May 9

To Lalla your question is not stupid I put the baby oil in after I wash his hair so it won't get dry plus if i dont even though his hair is straight it goes all over the place. Baby lotion works too plus thats not as greasy. I hope I answered your question


Lalla - May 9

Thank you Marlene!


Marlene - May 9

Your welcome



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