Hair Loss

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QQ - February 21

Hi, my baby is over 5 weeks old now and he has lost almost all the hair on top of his head. Is this normal? Please help!


Nini - February 21

That is way.........too normal.My daughter is 7 months and still has only a drop of hair.Most babies loose their hair and it usually comes back before their 1 yrs old.They say that it comes from laying the baby on the back too much but in my case i just dont understand.......good luck and dont worry your babies hair will be back soon before you know it.


QQ - February 21

Nini, thank you for your reply. I heard people say it's from laying the baby on the back too much as well. But in my case, my baby is losing hair on the top of his scalp not the back where he sleeps. In any case, I hope his hair will come back soon.


Maria - February 22

QQ, my baby was losing her hair on the sides of her head and only had some left on the top! I heard that's normal as well. No need to fret! I was quite scared too, until I found out it was totally normal!


angela - February 22

Its all normal, looks kinda like pet hair on their sheets doesn't it? My little one was born with dark hair and quite a bit of it, she had lost it all by bout 10weeks, it has grown back a georgeous blonde now.


April - February 22

Totally normal. Both my guys lost what little hair they had. It looks silly for a while but it grows back.


Sarahsmommy - February 22

I heard that the hair loss is from the hormones changing in their body's.


Erin1979 - February 22

The hair they are born with is just "baby hair." The will evenually lose most (if not all) of it, and get their real hair. My dd was born with almost black hair, and now she is getting beautiful blone hair in....with the exception of the back of her head. It has a combo of a bald spot, and some black hair which refuses to fall out. It looks like I dyed her hair!


MyAngelBaby - February 24

That is normal. However, I didn't know that until Madison's hair fell out. I had always pictured her with a full head of dark black hair like I had when I was born. Mine NEVER fell out so I was surprised when hers did. It happened all of a sudden all in one day but just on the top of her head. She was right at 1 month. I cried!!! It finally started growing back about 3 weeks ago. We are still waiting to see what the final color will be. My hubby's was light brown but turned blonde when he got a little older. Now, it's back to light brown. I have dark brown hair. I was really hoping for a blonde baby, but I know she will look great with brown too!



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