Hairstyles For Little Girls

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Nerdy Girl - February 2

The "OT- Hairstyles" thread got me thinking to ask this one. What do those of you with older daughters do with their hair? My 4 year old daughter has never had bangs in her life, always long in front, tucked behind her ear. She has thin silky blonde hair. Up until she was 3 or so, it was very very long, but always snarly and a pain to comb. I took her to my stylist who gave her the cutest chin length bob, but still had long bangs. My daughter actually loved the style and ran around the house showing how "bouncy" her hair was. Since then it has been somewhere between a chin length bob and slightly longer, depending on where we are in the haircut cycle. For the past several months she refuses to wear any clips or ponies in her hair, and the front is literally IN HER FACE all day. It drives me nuts... I can't imagine how it doens't drive her nuts! She perpetually has food in the front of her hair, and this week was the total icing on the cake for me to cut her bangs -- She has been sick, coughed really hard, and said "Mama I have goobers in my hair!" She had coughed a huge phlegm ball right into her hair because her hair was hanging down over the front of her face. UGH! I have an appointment for her tomorrow to get her bangs cut. My stylist talked me out of bangs for her one other time, but I am at the end of my rope with this now! I really hate that straight across the forehead little girl bangs look, which is why I have not ever cut her bangs before. What does everyone else do with their daughters?


sahmof3 - February 2

I've always had bangs for my dd. I wanted to let her hair grow really long, but the first time it got into her snot... that was it lol. She's had a bob for a long time, but she likes to wear it pulled back in the middle. It's the only thing that works well for us because she hates for me to comb her hair or even touch her head, so I need to have a style where I can just run a comb through, put the ponytail holder in and be done wih it.


lexa - February 2

Oh my this what I have to look forward to? Snot in my dd's hair? Great....can't wait, lol! I was just nebbing to see what you ladies do for lo hair. My dd is only 4 months, so I have a long ways to go. She does have a lot of hair now, so I wonder what we will do when the time comes. It seems to be common with little girls not wanting their hair done. Hm. At least it explains why little girls always have bangs:-)


Keli - February 2

my 7 mo baby is very bald... I hope someday she gets hair. But for now, I don't have to worry about it.


BriannasMummy - February 3

I totally wish I had this problem. Brianna is almost five and she still really doesnt have any hair. Her hair hasnt even made it to her chin. Its still baby hair.. all think and silky like. She does have bangs though.. it suits her well. If only she had hair.. hmmmmm. ~Kristin~


HANNAHs Mom - February 3

Bangs (big-wide bangs at that) are actually making a huge comeback! I had my haircut yesterday and my stylist was trying to persuade me to go with a wider bang. I think some little girls carry bangs adorably...although I am not a big fan of them either. My 4 year old dd is pretty laid back in this department and lets me do practically anything with her hair. She wears braids, ponies, barrettes on the side part, one low side pony...and I love ribbons! Sometimes headbands. I agree, sometimes food/lollies can be a pain getting into the hair...just this morning we had this issue with strawberry jam :)


Nerdy Girl - February 3

I feel like unless it's within 3 minutes of me brushing her hair, my daughter just looks like a mop. Her haircut is at 3:30 today, and I bet my stylist will try to talk me out of the bangs again, but I am really ready this time to just cut it. Once they have bangs, how often do you have to trim them? And do you do it yourself or always go to the salon?


CyndiG - February 3

I can sooooo relate to you nerdy girl! My dd is 8. Around 5 she decided she wanted long hair like mommy. My hair is black, long, and thick. Her's is blond, short, and fine, thanks to her daddy....Anyway, I agreed. We grew and grew and grew. And the bangs DROVE ME NUTS!!!!! I was constantly saying get your hair out of your face!!!!!!!! It makes me shudder even today! I made her wear headbands and hairbows. But, she has this weird notion that her hair should not have any "stickys" (little wispys of hair). She thinks it should be completely flat to her head. And short of gelling it down like a greaser, it doesn't work!!!! About a month ago she decided she wanted it cut shorter. THANK YOU GOD!!! We cut it in between her chin and shoulders. The hairdresser angled her bangs some and it is soooo much better. She tried to talk her into letting her cut some short bangs but Morgan wouldn't have it. The only thing is now I have to b__w it dry every day to get it to either curl in or curl out. Whatever her mood is today.....I'm sorry I didn't really have an answer for you, this was just sort of a vent I guess. Little girl hair just won't do anything! But ain't it soooo cute! :O}


vonzo - February 3

OK...really sorry for my ignorance (yet again) but what is/are BANGS???? I am soooo confused at what you guys are talking about. Snot getting into them/it and it's attached to hair...?


kellens mom - February 3

Vonzo, bangs is simply a term for shorterhair around the face oe eyes. Often littler girl bangs are cut above the eyes (but they don't have to be).


Nerdy Girl - February 3

We just got back from the haircut. This photo doesn't do the hairstyle justice because it's 3 degrees out today so she of course had a winter hat on during the ride home from the salon. So here is her new haircut with hathead.


k.p.j.e. - February 3

ok I had to look--she looks adorable! I like both styles. She's so cute you couldn't really go wrong either way. I have a daughter on the way and I def. won't want to deal w/ hair snots either!!!!


Nerdy Girl - February 3

Thanks, k.p.j.e. Her bangs ended up a little bit shorter than I was imagining, but I like that it's a small tiny section that is bangs, not some big clump that starts at her crown and runs ear to ear. That's what I was afraid of. I think once these bangs grow just a smidge, they will be what I was thinking of. I still think she looks cute. And she ate soup for dinner and left the table with clean hair... SUCCESS!


Lisastar9 - February 3

Nerdy Girl what no more hair washing/brushing combing woes. Yay does your daughter like her new hairstyle. She does look cute as a b___ton.


BriannasMummy - February 3

Aww those are sweet pictures. I love her new haircut.. she looks beautiful! I hope she loves her hairstyle! ~Kristin~


vonzo - February 4

ahhhh, we call "bangs" a fringe. Things make so much more sense now, thanks!!


vonzo - February 4

I tried to see your pics NerdyGirl but apparently "flick is having a ma__sage"?!?! I'm sure you little girl looks gorgeous!!



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