Hanging Infant Upside Down

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Amy_mommy - June 26

while my hubby was playing with my 2 mths old daughter, he was carrying her upside down. he was holding her 2 legs and her head was down then after, my baby vomited........is this dangerious or not?????????? help!


TCB - June 26

IDK but my DH does it to my son but he has never vomited. He like it but it scares the hell out of me.


TCB - June 26

oh mine holds him by the waist


Babycakes - June 26

i dont think thats good at that age....I definately wouldnt let my hubby do that...maybe someelse has better ideas??


Bonnie - June 26

I would hollar if mu DH did it at 2 months too, though I doubt it truely does anythhing.


grandma - June 27

What the hell was he thinking?? 2 months old and no head & neck controll. How about a kick in the b___t and make sure he understands he'll have to wait another 6-8 months b4 he can start that kink of rough housing. Men...sorry hon but sometimes you are going to be dealing with 2 kids


Christy - June 27

I think your dd is too young for that still. Once she gets better head control and her digestive system is more mature (like in a couple months) then it should be okay, as long as he is gentle. My dh loves to roughhouse with our son, who is 7.5 months old, as well, and I am constantly reminding him to be more gentle.


Bonnie - June 27

LOL Christy..what is it with men and the need to rough house with babies? They aren't footb___s for Christ's sake! :P


babyO - June 27

I read somewhere that both female and male babies need to have both forms of play...gentle play that we mommies give and the rough housing from the dads...that it helps them though I am not sure how cuz it def scares me too!


TC - June 27

You're right BabyO...I think that its good for them to have both. However, I have to sometimes leave the room when my dh is playing with Danny or else I would have a kiniption fit.


Amy_mommy - June 27

i still thinks it's dangerous.......it scares me so much! he's holding the baby like he's holding a turkey!!!!!!!!!! thats how it is!


TC - June 27

Well yeah Amy_mommy! That is dangerous...maybe he should wait until she is a bit older.


HannahBaby - June 27

My husband does it to my daughter all the time but didnt do it that young. He didnt start doing anything like that until she was about a year old.


Chrissythefairy - June 27

ive seen docotors hold the babies upside down while carrying them after they have been born i looked like WTH is that safe but i guess it is


Annette - June 27

If I only got a dollar for everytime I have told my DH that the baby is A BABY. Now he is more sturdy but even as the fragile newborn he was my husband was handling him as a rag doll. But then I remind myself that babies are more resistant than we think and just tell dh "If you break it, you own it!"


ash2 - June 29

2 monts old is WAY to young.... tell hubby to put it on hold for another year at least !


starr - June 29

I would SNAP if my hubby or anyone else did that to my baby.That is way too young for that type of play.



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