Has Anyone Banked Their Babies Cord Blood

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HannahBaby - July 13

Hi i am really considering banking my babies cord blood. I was wondering if anyone else had banked their babies blood. Thanks


Narcissus - July 13

No but I wish I had. Losing my son would destroy me permanently so I am not sure why we did not take the option more seriously. Truthfully, I did not know what a mothers love felt like until I had my son.


AprilMum - July 13

I really wanted to, but it is so crazy expensive, we just couldn't do it. I did do a lot of research on it though, and if you have the means, I say go for it!


Selena - July 13

Yes, DH and I banked DD's cord blood with viacord. It is a little expensive but they have excellent payment plans to help make it affordable for everyone. I believe they even have a plan that lets you pay as little as $140 a month over the course of a year. The technology is amazing and God forbid if anything should ever happen to dd or any of our family members it might save their lives.


lindsay - July 13

i didn't because of money also, but you know what i don't get? why can't we donate it to science? with all this stem cell stuff going on i'd gladly give mine to a greater cause since i couldn't afford to do this myself.. and it would help alleviate so many ethical/moral issues w/the research... why just throw something so benficial to medicine away?


YC - July 13

I didnt but also wish I had. I researched it for a long time but in the end we did not have the money to do it. I agree that is you have the means to do you should go for it. Of course we all hope you never have ti use it but I am sure it would be an extra sense of security to have it. I would have also gone with viacord. They will send you lots of info and anawer all your questions.


HannahBaby - July 13

I didnt with my daughter and now that we can afford it i really want to do it. I was holding my daughter the other day and felt just like Narc, that if something happened to her i would just be destroyed. We have another chance to bank it (with the new baby) and we can afford it (with Cord Blood Registry you can pay 40$ a month for 60 months!!) I notice that not many have, but many wish that they did. I definatly am going to bank with this baby


Nerdy Girl - July 13

You absolutely CAN donate the cord blood. We did not bank our for financial reasons, but I dontated it. After talking with our pediatrician and also my Dad's hematologist (he has a blood disease so sees a blood doc regularly), we decided to donate. Both docs said that if everyone would donate their cord blood, there would be no need for private banking. I just called the local blood bank (in Chicago area it was Life Source). They actually have a special number to call, leave your name, address, and due date, and they send out a donation kit to take with you to the hospital. The doc draws up the cord blood into the kit, and the blood bank comes and picks it up.... Free and easy.


lindsay - July 13

i had no idea you could do that, nerdy girl... i am disappointed that i didn't do this, but i guess i should have researched it a bit myself.. i just had never heard of donating it, only personal banking... shucks! :-( i think they should ask you when you're admitted to the hospital to deliver if you want to donate, and do this as standard procedure!


SonyaM - July 13

The hospital my friend delivered at automatically asks you if you want to dontate the cord blood. I think that is so great. I wish the hospital I delivered at offered that. The nurse at my friends hospital said 99.9% of women do donate the cord blood. Isn't that fabulous!!! We did not bank either of my son's. The first one was four years ago and it just wasn't that known about then I guess. The second one we didn't because it kind of goes against what we believe. We belive that what you focus on in life comes back to you so banking cord blood "in case" something bad happens doesn't work for us. I have to say a small part of me did want to do this but I did not want to create a situation where it was needed. I know that alot of people would not agree with me but to each his own.


JH - July 13

We banked mine through cord blood registery. We liked that they were located in Tucson. (others are CA and FL) It seemed safer for natural and terrorist disasters. I'm not enjoying paying for it, but I decided that it was VERY cheap for the life-long benefits. My husbands family has Huntington's disease and there is a very good chance that my husband has it and will pa__s it onto my son one day. Hopefully medical science will find a cure for this before we need it, but you can never be too sure. Symptoms usually don't arise in his family until age 57, but it's scary nonetheless. I'm glad people are able to donate theirs to private research. I wish politicians would allow for more research and funding, but I guess it has to directly effect the law makers before they see how crucial this is.


Nerdy Girl - July 13

Yeah, it's too bad the hospitals don't just ask if you want to donate it. You have to be proactive to ask for the donation kit. Just spread the word about donations. Since I found out about it, most of my friends have now also donated as well.


jas - July 13

Unless there is a history of genetic problems in your family, I can't justify the cost for something I will more then likely never use.



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