Has Anyone Ever Had An Ectopic Pregnancy

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torbman - February 8

Just a question. At what week gestation do you think, would make your fallopian tube rupture?


luviduvi - February 8

My friend had one, she was , I think, half way through her first trimester. It was her first preg. and at the time she knew she was pregnant. she came down with terrible cramping, nausea, and fever. Otherwise, I don't know much about it. Sorry : ((


Allie - February 8

I had an ectopic that ruptured - I was just over 11 weeks. It was pretty rough. I lost the tube, not the ovary. That was March 05; Chloe was born June 06 :)


luviduvi - February 8

Ohh, Allie, sorry to hear.....but, I'm glad Chloe is here!


Rabbits07 - February 8

I saw a thing on the learning channel where a lady had an ectopic pregnancy in which the tube ruptured at 10 weeks. The placenta then attached to her outer abdominal wall and continued to grow and she gave (a very complicated) birth to a healthy baby in the end. This was in England I think.


Kara H. - February 9

A good friend of mine was actually carrying twins, but didn't know it. She had a miscarriage at 8 wks. They sent the tissue out to the lab and they confirmed it was fetal tissue. For some reason, her OB didn't do an u/s or do repeat blood draws to make sure that the HCG was dropping. She called them a week later and said she still felt pregnant. They told her she was depressed over the loss. She kept calling back and they kept telling her the same thing. She said finally that she was so sick and in so much pain, they finally agreed to see her. Her doc did draw blood, but did not examine her. He told her she may have an infection so he would also check her white blood cell count. When she left the office she said she felt really faint, but she had to pick up her kid from school, go to the grocery store, and make dinner for her husbands boss that was coming over that evening. She said it was about 90 minutes after she dr's office when she arrived home. She said there were 12 messages on her machine. Turns out they were from her Doctor, but she never got to hear them. He doctor pulled up in her drive. He was afraid she had collapsed. He personally drove her to the hospital. She was approx. 12wks + along and had ma__sive interal bleeding from her ruptured tube. She ended up losing her overy too. They said she probably would have bled out within 24 hours do the severity of the bleed if she had not had medical intervention. He obviously apologized afterwards to her but she didn't really want to hear it. When they decided to try again, her new doctor put her on Clomid and Progesterone suppositories. She said she was still feeling p__sed so she sent her old OB copy of the reciepts from her prescriptions just to say "Thanks a lot!!" - to her surpise he sent her a personal check for her scripts! She did end up getting pregnant and carrying to term and has a cute little girl now.


Emily - February 9

Rabbits I saw that too, did she ahve twins too taht were in the uterus? so she ended up with tripplets........I have read athat around ten weeks is common for a ruptures, but thankfully I have never had the experience. a reg m/c was bad enough. Allie, so sory and glad that you have Chloe here! and Kara what your firned went through must ahve been horrible!


Rabbits07 - February 9

I can't remember if it was twins.......seems like it was a multiple preg to begin with and she miscarried one of them.I can't remember exactly how many she did give birth to. That was the same episode that featured the woman with the stone baby, too.


Allie - February 9

Kara, that must have been horrible for your friend! If my dr at the time had listened to me, I probably wouldn't have ruptered, either. I went in about 6 weeks for bleeding, but saw someone less than competent who only ran the preg test, no ultrasound, and wouldn't see me again until 12 weeks (she kept telling me light bleeding was normal). I did find a much better dr. the second time around!


Emily - February 9

Rabbits yep that was it. She had twins and started bleeding at ten weeks and they thought she was loosing the babies, but they both had strong heartbeats. Then later when they found out about hte triplet int h abdominal cavity, they knew that the bleeding was becasue of her tube rupturing.....the woman with the stone baby was strange. She went all that time with that baby in there!


LisaB - February 9

My first pregnacy was an ectopic andwe lost the baby at 8 weeks I felt really funny, dizzy, shaky, sick and c___ppy I went to the bathroom and had spotted a dime size od brown blood freaked out called my dh at work told him to come home and we went to the er. They took me in for an ultrasound and we saw the baby and the heartbeat so dh and I were high fiving and all happy thinking everything was ok ( I had heard as long as there was a heartbeat that early it was rare to miscarry then) anyway then the dotor came in and told us it was ectopic and they had moved around the other surgeries and were rushing me in as my tube was about to rupture. I had the surgery and the damage to my tube was so bad they sodered the ends off so the tube was no longer viable. Long story long I went in a few weeks later to have a test done to see how succesful the procdure was and to see if my right tube was ok and low and behold the bad tube had fused itself back together. My doctor kinda freaked and the doctor performing the test didn't believe me so he got my medical records and confimed. We had a misscarriage after that but now have a wonderful 15 months ds so life is good. Sorry so long I was just thinking about all of this last night.


LisaB - February 9

Why do you ask?


Sindel - February 9

I had an ectopic pregnancy rupture at 12 weeks. I had no signs or symptoms of pregnancy or any pain until the day it ruptured. I actually felt constipated so I didnt want to go into the hospital and have them tell me that or look for signs of it.. Even though I had pa__sed out. They say shoulder pain is a symptom but I never had that.. I went almost 36 hours bleeding internally and had to have my baby/tube removed via emergency surgery. They even had me sign a bunch of things for blood transfusions, organ donations and whether or not I would want to be resusitated if I stopped breathing. One of the scariest days of my life.



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