Has Anyone Every Joined Use Curves

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HannahBaby - February 2

I was thinking about joining the one near my house and im looking for any good/bad expierences, thanks!


SonyaM - February 2

I have looked into the one by my house but they don't have child care so it doesn't work for us. I think it's great and would be useful but I need childcare to go during the day.


aurorabunny - February 2

My mom gave me a free month gift certificate to Curves for X-mas and I didn't care for it. It's just 2 rotations of doing 30 seconds on each machine and in between each machine you jog for like 30 seconds on a running mat. There are only like 12 machines. I did the entire workout and didn't break a sweat, it just wasn't enough for me. Also, our group leader was extremly overweight and said she had been working there for a year teaching and doing the workout about 6 times a day, 5 days a week. Now I'm not trying to mean or judgemental because I am overweight too, plus I don't know what this lady is eating when she gets home, but I think having a fat person trying to sell you on thinking that an exercise or diet plan is going to work is just bad advertising. It turned me off and made me think that if this lady was doing it THAT often and it didn't work for her, it wasn't going to work for anyone else either. I don't know if I got any results from it or not during my month because I was losing weight from my Weight Watchers regardless of the exercise. It just wasn't enough for me, most of the other ladies in there were 60+ years old and it seems like a workout more appropriate for people in that age group. Just my 2 cents!


SonyaM - February 2

aurorabunny, that's funny because the person I met with there was overweight too. I found it a bit odd as well. She also told me another curves near us offered child care (the two shops were owned by the same people). When I called the other curves they said they didn't and never had child care. Very odd.


Shana B - February 2

I tried it for a month as well too. I didn't like it either. Like aurora said, I never broke a sweat either.


HannahBaby - February 2

thats what ive been hearing, that its more aimed towards women over 40. Its just a nice idea, doing a 30 minute working and losing weight. I cant get a babysitter for more than an hour so going to a gym is pointless. Does anyone recommend any good work out tapes for home?


mcatherine - February 2

Hannahbaby - most gyms have a daycare in them - so you wouldn't have to find a babysitter. I pay $24/month, they have a day care where I can leave my son for up to 2 hours and I have a pager they give me each day - so in case something happens or the baby needs to be changed - they just page me. I love my 90 minutes each morning! You can join most gyms for the same amount you can join Curves (no Curves have daycare - it's part of their 30 minutes all to yourself motto!!) and a lot of them don't make you sign contracts anymore.


SonyaM - February 2

I forgot that my sister joined curves and although her weight didn't change much her measurements sure did. She looked so good. I was really impressed.


HannahBaby - February 2

there are 2 gyms where i live and NONE of them have daycares...d__n it....i prolly wouldent leave em anyway


Celia - February 2

We actually owned a curves until a couple months ago, we had it connected with our gym & tanning salon. I don't think it's for women over 40 primarily. You would be suprised at how many teens and women in their 20's use it. Most in that age group do it as a group workout and it makes it so much fun. The thing with curves is, YOU ONLY GET OUT OF IT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT!! It's not like using free weights or weight machines that add the resistance automatically, you have to make your body do the work. On the running stations in between each machine, do more than just run, get creative and push yourself. It does work, but like anything else, it only works as well as you do. When we first bought the equipment I had to be trained to use it. If the person who is employed is good, then they will tell you how to get the most benefits out of it. I was 230 when I started using it and teaching new members how to do it, I lost 30 pounds the first month from using it so often. A little secret on people that own/work at a fitness center... it's like having a treadmill at home, it's fun and wonderful at first but then you get to busy/tired to use it. We just took our machines out and expanded our cardio room. Curves tends to be really busy then boom it's dead again. Most women just don't hang with it but most say they love it.


Celia - February 2

BTW... the ladies that are dieting and trying to lose weight seem to have great success with doing nothing more than using the treadmills and cross trainers. They bust their b___ts and are there every day, but it will melt the weight off if your following a good diet.


mandee25 - February 2

I went into a Curves one day for a consult but it didn't look like the gym for me. I prefer treadmills and free weights anyway but some people like my cousin who works at one just loves it.


Aimes - February 2

HannaBaby-do you have a spot in your house where you could put a treadmill? The best investement I ever made was buying one. You can put your baby monitor on when the baby is napping and walk away. I paid about $1000 for mine, and it's really good--- a Milestone Brand. You could probably find one much cheaper on Ebay or soemthing, but be careful with the ones they sell at sears---they aren't self-lubricating and they break! I went through about 4 before buying the Milestone treadmill, and have never had a problem. A lot of money, but worth it. And, it pays for itself considering how much you'd spend on a gym membership a month. Plus, it's right in your home, so you can do it when it works for you. As you can tell, I am a big advocate of the treadmill! Good luck !


AshleyB - February 2

It is really great for older women or if you have had injuries in your joints, etc. It's low impact and I think geared more for people who are very inactive, it just keeps you moving a bit. I joined and lost some inches but gained weight, and it made me super hungry so it ended up just not really being for me, i stopped going and lost weight. weird huh? It wasn't just muscle weight either, I looked like I gained weight. About 15 lbs. I talked My mom into joining and she went on a low carb diet and lost over 75lbs in about 8 months. She did it 5 days a week though, and would go around 3 times instead of 2. She was completely inactive prior to joining curves though and so it really helped her lose weight. She would break a sweat just vaccuuming and would have to take it easy the next day she was so heavy and not used to any activity. Anyway she's about a size 8 now and a shopaholic glitzy glam grandma hottie now. LOL.


EMBERBABY - February 2

HannahBaby, I didn't join Curves because when I went in to look around I only saw much older women working out and they didn't seem to working a sweat. So I joined Gold's gym and I really like it, I also have aero pilates at home and its ok. SonyaM, Gold's gym has daycare but I don't use it. I usually go to the gym at 5 in the morning or I wait till dh comes home from work to go.


jb - February 2

I don't know much about Curves or any workout place for that matter. One thing that I thought was interesting is there is an article about the creater of Curves in this months Readers Digest. I was actually impressed with the creater/owner. Just thought I would pa__s it on to anyone who likes to read that stuff.


lexa - February 2

I have to admit that I have tried curves! I joined when it first opened up years ago. My son was in preschool and all of us mothers joined together. We dropped off at preschool then worked out. Honestly, I didn't care for it and quit after 3 months. I lost a total of 10 pounds in that time. I started working out in my own house and lost 20 pounds in 3 months! I wouldn't waste the money. The best form of exercise is to walk (I know, the weather doesn't permit). Just invest in a good exercise video/machine and work out when kids take a nap. Or let dh watch them for you to work out.



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