Has Anyone Flown With An Infant

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alverran - February 4

We are getting ready to take a 15 hour flight with a 6 month old. We got dd her own seat, what shall we expect? Do we strap her in her car seat? Did you bring the base of the car seat with you? How did your baby deal with the alt_tude? Any tips are appreciated. Thank you.


Jmom - February 4

I flew with my 6 month old, but it was only a 2 hour flight- he did not have his own seat- although for a flight that long, I probably would have gotten him one. He did pretty good wih the flying and slept alot- just make sure you have plenty of bottles (or can b___st feed), diapers and such. Also a paci or something for the baby to suck on at take off and landing.


CyndiG - February 4

I flew with my dd when she was 4 1/2 months. It also was a short flight. I did not get her a seat. She cried for just a minute during takeoff. Then settled down and went to sleep. I think that was more because I was trying to make her bf (I'd heard that's what they were supposed to do) and she didn't want to. She wanted to look around. On the way home, she didn't cry at all. So for us, the sucking thing didn't really matter.......Anyway, I would just have lot's of toys, graham crackers (or whatever she likes to snack on), and LOADS of patience. I would bring the base of her carseat, it would just be easier to strap it into the seatbelt. Good luck, I don't envy you, but I hope it goes very smoothly and she sleeps the whole way! :O}


amber508 - February 4

I flew with my dd when she was 3 months old, she did have her own seat, it was a 6 hr flight from OH to CA. I either had her drinking a bottle during take off and landing or sucking her binki. I also gave her some infant tylenol for her ears about 30 minutes b4 the flight. She mainly slept thru it. She also traveled around 6 MO and sat on my lap... you will need your dd's carseat for the trip and trust me you will be glad to have her in her own seat... I held my dd during take off and landing and she did great. I'd bring a toy or something, but with tylenol, and something to suck on, she should do just fine. The sucking helps her pop her ears. Good Luck!!!


sahmof3 - February 4

We flew from PA. to WI. when dd was 7 months old. We didn't have a seat for her, so I held her, while my dh and ds sat together (we got split up). It went pretty well. Bfing was a pain (which I did on take-off and landing). She got a bit fussy, but contented herself with messing up my hair lol, so I let her and she stayed quiet. What we do for our LOs, right? She slept most of the time on our return flight, so that was nice!


alverran - February 4

Thank you!!! I am nervous about the travel, it is a LONG flight. Thanks for telling me about the base of the car seat, I was going to bring it but wasn't sure if we should have just checked it with the luggage. I appreciate your thoughts and inputs.


shelly22 - February 4

I just posted this question about a week ago, but my son's 1. I'm scared! We're flying from Detroit to tampa, so it's a 2 hr and 40 minute flight and Evan is going to sit on mine or my hubbys lap. Now, my son will not sit for longer then about 10 minutes, so I don't know how we're going to do it!!


dales76 - February 4

I flew with my ds a lot when he was under 1. The longest was about 22 hours. But really, at that age, its really just important to keep them comfortable and occupied. DVD players with baby einstein are good. And I was so so glad i b___stfed. kept him busy, happy, his ears from popping and got him to sleep. Next week Im taking a 15 hour flight with him. His 18 months old and Im a little stressed about it...im just stocking up on cheap toys, crayons, dvds and treats. I really really wish that I still b___stfed - it made my life easier while flying. Long haul flights usually have changing tables in the toilets...i also took him in there so he could sit on the table with some toys and have a little change of environment. And as long as hes not disruptive, we can walk the aisles. im my experience people around you are more understanding than youd expect - especially those who have had kids. fingers crossed (for both of us) that that trend continues.



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