Has Anyone Had A Problem With Fruits

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pbj - May 18

I think this is pretty rare, but just wanted to see if I'm alone in this. Mattea hates fruit, she'll eat any vegetable that I give her, but fruit she turns her nose up. The only reason this is a slight problem is that she's a bit constipated and will not drink any fruit juice...I've tried sippy cup and bottle, no way. Any suggestions or do you think I should call the ped.?


YC - May 18

Wow that's odd. My nephews were the exact opposite. Loved the fruits because they were sweet. My dd just started cereal but my ped said if she got constipated and wouldnt drink the juicfe I could put a little prune juice in her formula to disguise the taste. WE have not tried it yet.


HANNAHs Mom - May 18

...maybe try mixing some fruit with the veggies to slowly build up a taste for fruit?? Some may frown upon that idea because you don't want baby suddenly rejecting veggies too.


Rabbits07 - May 18

The fruits also have a bit of a 'whang' to them which she may not like, whereas the veggies are more bitter, Try to bitter the fruits down by adding some cereal.


pbj - May 18

Thanks, I'll try it. She may get it from me, I've never cared that much for fruit, always prefered veggies, but I do still eat it. Well I guess it's a good thing she likes her veggies!


LisaB - May 18

The only fruit I can get ds is eat alittle of is apples and prunes but prunes make him real ga__sy and don't help him poop. He also wont take a bottle and just plays with a sippy cup. I saw my ped this am for his 6 month check up and said to keep trying fruits as it takes up to ten times before some kids will start to like them and green bean and peas will help more with constipation than orange veggies. I do mix fruit with cereal but since ds has been only going to the bathromm every three days he will barely eat anything. Funny I was so excited to start solids and its been such a challenge. Good luck to you.


Marlene - May 19

I give my soon about 2oz of water if I see he is starting to get constipated. I know some people dont like to give there babies water but it works.


Marlene - May 19

sorry that is suppose to say son.


Ca__sieSong - May 19

LisaB- you said your ds rejects the bottle and sippy cup. My dd is the same. What have you done to get him to drink?


JEN - May 19

My ds is the same way! He absolutely hates anything that is very sweet ( bananas, applesauce, etc). Instead, he is more interested in things like carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. He refuses anything green though. Recently I mixed his pears with some cereal and he ate it much better. I would suggest mixing prune juice with formula for the constipation...it fools my son every time LOL! Other than that I think that babies are just picky like adults- little stinkers.


LisaB - May 20

Ca__sie, he still wont drink much but I bought the take and toss sippy cups they are made by The First Years and he seems to like those alot. He doesn't have to suck so hard to get the liquid out, however they tend to leak alittle. ANything to get him to drink. Hes a b___st only baby so am trying to go with only a sippy. He actually drinks really well out of my cup but takes forever and is messy. Super cute!!



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