Has Anyone Purchased An EarCheck

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Kara H. - January 30

I had been thinking about buying one ever since I read about them on Dr. Greene's website. Now that we have been dealing with an ear infection with very few symptoms, I really want one. Does anyone have one and have you been happy with it?


Jmom - January 30

I never knew they had these, but I will have to tell my friends, we constantly talk about this. My son had a double ear infection and I had no idea! Today I took him to the Dr thinking maybe he had one b/c he was acting weird and there was nothing wrong. It would help to have one of these!


Rabbits07 - January 30

I don't have one and personally think it would be a waste of money. The EarCheck only detects fluid in the middle ear. While that can sometimes be an indication of ear infection it isn't always....plus, fluid can linger in the middle ear for up to 2 months after an ear infection. Children with chronic ear infections can pretty much keep fluid in their ears even though they don't always have an ear infection that whole time. I just don't think I would spend almost $50 for it when it's really not a reliable indicator of ear infection.


Kara H. - January 30

I see you point, but I think it would be a worthwhile tool for us. My son has obviously inherited my hubby's childhood ear problems as well as his high pain tolerance. We went to Max's 6 month appointment two weeks ago and Max's ear drum was bulging so bad it was on the verge of rupturing. Max had no other symptoms besides being a little fussy during the evening. I had a__sumed it was from teething. My hubby has permanant hearing loss from a childhood rupture. Our peds office is an hour away so it's not like I can run in there everytime Max acts a little off. Yes, it wouldn't tell me if it was definitely an ear infection, but it would tell me if it definitely WASN'T an ear infection. Like today - I thought for sure Max still had the ear infection so we drove an hour up there, sat in a waiting room with pukey, snotty kids for an hour and a half for them to tell me that his ears were fine and that his fussiness was probably do to teething. So I am also ordering an otoscope too so I can use it in conjuction with the EarCheck to monitor his hears at home.


Rabbits07 - January 31

I would like to have an otoscope. My now 8-yo son had a high pain tolerance. He had alot of ear infections as a younger child and we would go in for well checks and his pedi would inform me that he had a severe infection...sometimes a double in both ears. Clint had alot of ear infections as well. I think that is why they both ended up in speech therapy.


Kara H. - January 31

I am going to push for tubes if Max has half the trouble Chris did as a child...



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