Has Anyone Switched Straight To Whole Milk

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Crystal83 - July 17

I'm just wondering if anyone has switched their LO's straight to whole milk in one day without staggering it or doing half and half? I gave my almost 11 month old her first whole milk bottle yesterday evening and she LOVED it! When I tried to give her a bottle of formula last night and today she would drink some of it but not very much. So last night I gave her another bottle of milk and she drank it all. She won't drink her formula now, and she seemed to take the whole milk very well, she didn't seem to have any tummy problems or gas or anything. I've also been slowly adding some dairy products into her diet for the last month to get her ready for whole milk. I never experienced this with my 2 oldest girls, I transitioned them slowly from about 11 mos.-1 year, which is what I planned on doing this time too. Will it hurt to just go ahead and only give her whole milk from now on?


fefer1 - July 17

I was told to wait till 12 months - did you talk to your pediatrician? I suppose 1 month wont' matter much but I'd check with them. My dd had NO problem drinking whole milk at 1 year. I still BF her first thing in the morning and at bed time but gave her whole milk during the day with meals and stuff. She didn't mind at all - but not every baby is the same. Sounds like your LO has no issues with the milk, that's great! :)


Crystal83 - July 17

I live in Canada and the recommended age is between 10-12 months. I've always waited until 10 months to give any kind of dairy and started to transition from fomula to whole milk around 11 months and by the time my 2 oldest were 1 year they were only taking whole milk. I just wanted to know if there is any problem with just cutting out the formula and giving only whole milk within one day? She seems to be doing okay...


MNMOM - July 17

With both my kids I switched them straight to whole milk at their first birthday and had no problems. I didn't bother mixing it or gradually doing the transition. I'd say go ahead it appears your litttle one is doing fine on the whole milk too.


jessica72 - July 17

At 12 months, by doctor recommended doing 2% milk instead of whole for at least the first few weeks. I had some free samples of Similac Go and Grow, which is basically formula designed for toddlers, so in the first few weeks, I altrenated a bottle of that stuff with a bottle of slightly warmed 2% milk, until after 2 weeks, I was completely on 2% and then a few weeks later, we moved to whole milk. She now takes it right out of the fridge too. I'm sure there is no right way to do this, but that's just what my pedi suggested. He said there is wayy too much fat in our diets as it is, so 2% would be just fine.


eclectic66 - July 17

We just recently made the switch to whole milk also with our 11.5 month old ds and he did great! We made the switch without any gradual introduction and he did just fine. As soon as we had run out of formula we just switched him over to whole milk with the next bottle and that was it...he drank the whole thing and has been on whole milk ever since :-) I think it just really depends on the baby. We didn't do any kind of transition with him only because he has never had any food intolerances/allergies thus far, but I imagine if he had any prior gastric issues we would have been much more cautious about a transition. Sounds like your lo is doing great with the switch too and doesn't seem to require a transition. I say just go for it and leave her on the whole milk :-)


eclectic66 - July 17

Oh and btw. When we made the switch...I was worried because all of a sudden it seemed he was eating way LESS!! I was kind of freaked out by that and thought it had something to do with the whole milk. Turns out he was teething because suddenly there was a new tooth :-)


Crystal83 - July 18

Thanks for all your responses! I'm going to just keep her on the whole milk from now on, she drinks it really well and straight from the fridge too! I had to warm up the milk for my 2 oldest when they were that age, lol... She still isn't taking her formula as well as the milk but I'm going to try and get her to finish what I have left. Maybe I'll give it to her in a sippy.



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