Has Anyone Tried Baby Sign Language

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Whitney - February 18

Hi there, just wondering if anyone has tried baby sign language & if they found it helpfull & worth it? I just picked up a book of baby sign language basics & was going to give it a try for my 7 month daughter, though I also have a 3 year old son & never tried it with him & he seems to have developed just fine without it. A girl at my sons daycare said she noticed the infants that had parents teach then sign language, that they seemed much more advanced in regular language skills & could count earlier, spell earlier, etc ... so I thought it might be a neat to give it a try, though my hubby thinks it's a waste of time & all "bull", now I want to really want to try it & prove him wrong. Anyone have any experience with this, or any pointers? Thanks!


charee - February 19

HI! First off i have two kiddos- DD is 4 and DS is 17 mos. I have been signing with my son (and my daughter joins in and knows them all!) since 11 months! He was not talking (unlike my daugheter!) and was just screaming and skreetching and crying all the time! My kids made up thirsty before i even started signing with them. I happened to meet a lady at a baby time group that used it loved it and teaches a cla__s! I signed up for the 6week cla__s for $60 and he now signs for EVERYTHING he knowns at least 50 i would guess. We are doing a 2nd signs cla__s series right now. I HIGHLY HIGLY RECCOMEND IT! THey pick up on it so fast- you just have to be consistent and do it yourself! Say it, sign it, and show the object at the same time. Implement only a few signs a week. Check out this site for more info and tips!! Please do it with your baby- you will both love it! We do! babysignsprogram dot com


charee - February 19

babysignsprogram dot com/withjill


Whitney - February 19

Thanks charee! I'm totally going to give it a try ... how old were your kids when you started? And how many signs did you start with? I've only been doing it for 2 days & she's only 7 months so I don't really know when to expect her to actually sign back, she still seems a bit young to me. But I have been doing "eat, drink, up, change (for when I change her diaper), & cat (because we have 3 of them) & I thought that may be enough for now. But I don't really know if I should be doing more or less. At what age did your kids sign back? Thanks again, I'm going to check out that website!


charee - February 19

I never signed with my daughter other than BYE BYE!! LOL. I started with my son around 10/11 months, he started with hungry, thirsty, airplane and probably please. Yes, I think those few signs you said are plenty for the first month or so! REPETITION is key! You have to sign when you are talking to her/saying it for her to eventually pick it up! And she will, one day she will start doing it and surprise you. I dont think you can start too young, she is going to absorb it just may not sign immidiately like an older one may! GOOD LUCK!


funnygal84 - March 24

my twins are 4 months old and we just started signing. all the books say to start at 6 months, but we're just too excited to start. i took sign language in highschool, so it's nice to be able to use it again. we're pretty sure they don't understand it yet, but we bought a kit with a dvd, cd-rom (for computer), books and flip chart. they love to watch the dvd. it has other babies signing on it and they just coo and giggle all the way through.



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