Has Anyone Tried Target Brand Diapers

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jessb - June 5

I just bought a pack of target brand diapers. We have always used huggies. I have no problem with pampers we just have a TON of huggies coupons. Anyways, I am worried that the target ones are gonna fit funny or leak.....


C - June 5

I've found that every baby is different and you just need to try them. I know people that rave about Target diapers. I tried them and they leaked every time. I gave my sister the rest and then he was allergic to them.


Kel - June 6

I haven't tried them, but my cousin did (lo is 9 weeks old) and she loves them!


Sarahsmommy - June 6

I love them. They are not as strechy as other diapers but for the price I can live with that.


bean - June 6

I love them. My month-old is in size 1's, and they're great. I hated Huggies - they leaked all the time. Pampers were awesome, but seriously Target brand is half the price, so why pay 2x as much? for Pampers is my opinion.


luvbendict - June 6

I ve been using Target diapers for quite a while now, my ds is 11 months old and he never had any problem with it. I love them, it's a money saver!


jessb - June 6

Thanks I bought a pack of them. I am finishing off the pack of huggies i have and then I will try. I will let everyone know how they work out.


Bridget - June 7

They didn't leak with my DS but I found that they run small and he outgrew them when he was still fitting in the Huggies with the same weight limit.


Missy - June 7

I have used them since my DD was 2 mos old and she's now 8 mos. I love them! They fit well, don't leak any more than any other brand, they are a bit (just a little bit) less stretchy than Pampers, but I prefer them over Huggies. And for the price - no comparison!


Mary - June 7

I like them. I like all the generic stuff in that department. I like the generic wipes too. They are big and are actually moist so you only need 1 or 2 to clean instead of 4 or 5 of them. I hate Huggies. They always leaked and were always too small.


pinkstar306 - June 13

we bought some for the price and the care bears! my daughter only used half the bag and outgrew them :( so were using huggies supreme now...



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