Has Anyone Tried Target Brand Formula

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Jen - November 23

I am a big fan of Target Brand stuff and I was just wondering if anybody has tried it. Thanks!


lol - November 23

Formula was once a "hot b___ton" topic on this forum. The Target brand formula is the same as the Walmart brand. They are made by the same company (I believe the comapny is Wyeth) and then labled by those distributors as their store brand. Also all formulas are required to meet the same FDA regulated minimums, so it really boils down to which formula you and of course your child prefers.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 23

We have used target brand paper towels! I know you are talking about diapers, wipes, formula, etc, but the paper towels are all we have bought, its just easier to go to walmart for us.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 23

I love target diapers and wipes. The diapers are the only ones that do not leak on my son!


Jbear - November 23

I'm the same about the target diapers. I'll make a trip there just for those, then do the rest of my shopping at walmart (that's what we have for a grocery store around here). I haven't tried target formula yet because I haven't run out of enfamil coupons so far.


Sonya - November 23

Jbear- where are you getting enfamil coupons? I am using enfamil and don't have any coupons. I did go to their website and "register" but so far nothing has arrived in the mail.


FF - November 23

I haven't tried the Target brand- but I have tried KMart (little ones) and Wal Mart (parents choice) and I think that the KMart one is not as coarse and mixes better than the Wal Mart brand.


Heidi - November 23

I tried the Target diapers and they fit my 6 wk old great! And they're half the price of Pampers.


Jbear - November 23

Sonya, I registered on their website a couple of months before I had my baby. About six weeks after she was born they sent me a can of formula and a bunch of coupons. I don't know if I'll use them all...I get most of our formula from WIC, so I only buy one or two cans a month.


Katie - November 24

has anybody tried meijer formula. my mom bought a can for my son. it looks a lot like enfamil.



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