Has Anyone Tried The Brown Sugar Amp Water For Constipation

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EMBERBABY - February 16

Dd is 5 months today and she usually has a hearty appet_te, well for the last two days she is hardly eating. She is not sick, no fever, the only thing is she hasn't had a bowel movement in two days and the last one looked like play do (sorry tmi). I was reading about 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and 2 ounces of water and am wodering if any of you had any experience using this with your los?


ashtynsmom - February 16

No, I haven't tried that, but around 4 mos, I gave my dd 2 oz of prune juice mixed with 2 oz of water, and within 2 hrs, she had an explosive poo!! Pear juice also works!!


wannababyboy - February 16

I had the same problem, I called my public health nurse. She told me 1 teaspoon of sugar in their formula or bottle per 8 oz. it worked for me.


EMBERBABY - February 16

Well I am waiting for the pediatrician to call me back. I am going to get both pear juice and brown sugar from the store just in case. Thank you girls!


lin7604 - February 16

yup that is what i used. my ped told me 1 tsp for a few oz's of water. either brown or white she said it doesn't really matter. it works every time


torbman - February 16

this worked for all three of my kids. I use white sugar though


lexa - February 17

My dd had a problem with constipation a month ago and our ped told us to use dark Karo syrup in her feeding. I guess that's sugar though. It worked great! We used 1tsp in 3oz of formula.


KLT - February 20

None of this worked for my son. I take that back...the pear juice worked the first time, when he was backed up for 6 days. The very next day after taking 4 oz of the juice, he had 6 explosions. Then he was backed up for another 7 days. This time around he wouldn't take the juice, the karo syrup didn't work at all ( i tried it 4 times) and so finally I resorted to a suppository. It freaked us out more than it bothered him... first suppository didn't work - i don't think I did it right. 2nd day, I did it again, but this time used a rectal thermometer (cringe) and within 3 hours he pooped. He's pooped 5 times total since then. : )



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