Has Anyone Tried The No Carb Diet

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ash2 - January 25

I think it is called " atkins "..anyway.. i was wondering what everyone thought about it , and if it worked ?


Steph - January 25

Ugh, I did it years back and it gave me horrible headaches and an all over c___ppy feeling. From what I've noticed is that people who do the Atkins for the first two weeks will loose a good amount of weight, but gain it back when they start to introduce the carb foods again. I've not seen anyone who did it have the long lasting weight loss effects.


mcatherine - January 25

Atkins isn't very healthy although it is healthier now than it was before. I did it a long time ago before it was revised and I won't lie - I dropped a lot of weight quickly, but it was hard on my body. South Beach is low-carb/right-carb - and their diet isn't as bland. Personally, I eat a bowl of oatmeal and fruit or yogurt every morning and I don't eat carbs after noon - I lose about 3 lbs a week as long as I exercise everyday, but I have pcos - so curbing carbs is necessary most of the time. The first time I did Atkins (7-8 years ago, right at the beginning of popularity) I didn't cheat and exercised everyday and dropped a little over 30lbs in about 5 weeks. It didn't come back on like a lot of people said it does, but I guess after that - I have always avioded breads, pastas, rice, etc... to the best that my personal discipline will allow. Curbing carbs is the only diet that has ever worked for me. I have a lot tips of you decide to take this route - let me know!


LisaB - January 25

sorry I'm on the all carbs all the time diet. Not so good for the waist :(


srigles - January 25

I tried it a few years ago and felt horrible. Headaches, lightheadedness and the worst leg cramps! I only did it for a week or so, then decided it wasn't worth the frustration. Plus, I really love my carbs! :)


shelly - January 25

lol lisa,ash i havnt tried this ,i know its popular tho.i like weightwatchers and counting the fat content because you can stick to a relatively normal way of eating when you reach the goal weight,i find with ww you can still have a couple of off days and still lose by the end of the week,i think it would be to hard for me also,i do love my carbs.


Bonnie - January 25

No carb=bad. Lower carb with the RIGHT kinds of carbs=good. Take a look at either South Beach or Weight Watchers CORE plan.


Jenn2 - January 25

Like Steph said.....it works for the first few weeks, and you will loose weight if you stick to its guidelines; BUT everyone I know who went on it gained alot back when they started eating carbs again. my MIL started the Atkins 3 years ago, and every time she eats carbs for a few days...she starts gaining weight.


Erynn21 - January 25

For some ppl it works great, but the revised versions are better, like ZONE or as mcatherine mentioned, South Beach. They let you have the "right" types of carbs. Many ppl cannot do these because it puts stress on their bodies and reduces the blood sugar, that's why many of you felt c___ppy and got headaches. Different blood types need different things and there are books about that. I always called Atkins, Fatkins, because you could eat bacon and eggs and b___ter, but couldn't have rice, it just never seemed healthful to me. I know a guy who was on it to support his wife and he got pretty sick and his doctor told him to get off it because it was screwing up his system so bad, basically his body was going into extreme stress and absorbing his muscle because it was starving.


Kara H. - January 25

I tried adkins and I felt horrible. Yeah, I lost 12 pounds, but my skin looked terrible, I had diarrhea, and it gives you bad breath. I did much better on South Beach. Phase one is hard, but it only last 2wks and I really didn't crave sugar by the time I went to phase two. I ended up losing about 14 lbs in a month. My hubby found out 2 months ago that he has insilin resistance, so we pretty much just eat like phase 3 all the time now. I am losing a little bit a weight, but I'm really trying. If I buckled down a bit more I'm sure I would starte losing again fairly easily.


sahmof3 - January 25

A couple from our church did it. They each lost over 20 lbs. very quickly, but a month into the husband had a heart attack. Possibly it weas going to happen no matter what, but I'm leary of any diets that omit whole food groups... it just doesn't seem balanced or healthy.


mcatherine - January 25

Oh Goodness Kara H. - I forgot about that horrible bad breath! Ick.


mommyke - January 25

I guess I will be the one to disagree with everyone - I did this diet two years ago and lost 30 pounds and kept it off until I got pregnant (I was able to keep it off by eating a modified version, much like south beach with "good carbs"). I just started it again a little over a week ago and I have lost 5 pounds. It works for me if I am smart about it - I don't go overboard with bacon and steak. I just eat mostly protein (chicken, etc.) and veggies. I also drink the atkins shakes sometimes. I probably do what is closer to the south beach, but I don't eat rice, potatoes, or bread of any kind. I'd say give it a try, but don't be like the people who think it is carte blanche to pig out on bacon :)


cae - January 25

I have friends who have tried it and lost weight, BUT they felt like c___p all the time. They were often very tired and exhausted. You just dont have much energy without the carbs. I dont recommend this diet, especially if you have young kids you need to keep up with. I say eat the good carbs and stay away from refined or process carbs.


Hana - January 25

Ash i tried atkins last year and dropped weight seriously quickly, but i was only able to stay on it for a month, it wasn't very practical and i was ALWAYS constipated. The nice thing though is u never feel hungry. The one that worked for me which i wanna try is simply cutting out bread/pasta/rice/potatoes. Not quite atkins because u can eat loads of veggies and fruits (the ones with not so high sugars). I think this is a more healthy way. Atkins=BORING but great if u wanna loose quick weight to fit into a dress for a wedding etc but dont expect to maintain the weightloss


CaliTrish - January 25

I could never do the Atkins Diet, but I went on a "no sugar/low carb" diet during the pregnancy because of Gestational Diabetes. I started the pregnancy a little overweight, gained only a pound or two in my last month, and ended up being 20 lbs lighter than pre-pregnancy after the baby was born. I gave up juices & sweets, ate snacks every 2-3 hours, limited carbs to 30g per meal, and stuck to red potatoes, brown rice, and whole wheat pastas, breads, & tortillas. Keep saying I'll going back on that diet, but the bad carbs taste soooo good. Luckily, b___stfeeding is keeping my weight stable.


Shea - January 25

I did the Atkins, but it was too boring - pretty much meat and cheese. I think the South Beach is better, but I love the Fat Flush Plan -similar, but you really eat only whole foods - nothing processed. I lost 53lbs on it before getting pg, now I am on it again and have lost 15lbs since Jan 3.



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