Has Anyone Tried The No Carb Diet

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Shea - January 25

I did the Atkins, but it was too boring - pretty much meat and cheese. I think the South Beach is better, but I love the Fat Flush Plan -similar, but you really eat only whole foods - nothing processed. I lost 53lbs on it before getting pg, now I am on it again and have lost 15lbs since Jan 3.


mischelly30 - January 25

You won't have much energy on Atkins, so be prepared for fatigue and mood swings. The headaches and constipation people mention are likely due to dehydration. You need to increase your water intake while on Atkins in order to help your body digest all that protein. With any diet, try to cycle on/off every 6 weeks to maximize results.


^lucy^ - January 26

my hubby was doing it last month and a friend told him that he knows a guy wo was on atkins and suddenly got a kidney failure and dr said it was from atkins!! dh stopped atkins since then


sophandbob - January 26

i've doen it and it worked for me, but found when I stopped, it all went back on. Doing it for life is just dull. Unfortunately I think the only way to go is healthy eating - no quick fix. A magic pill would be good!!


mischelly30 - January 26

-->"he knows a guy wo was on atkins and suddenly got a kidney failure and dr said it was from atkins" -->sounds like he wasn't drinking enough water, and perhaps stayed on the diet too long. You need to drink a LOT of water to help your body digest all that tough protein. And, it's really important to only make it a short-term thing!


ash2 - January 27

wow, you guys really changed my outlook on trying this diet ! Thanks for all the advice : )


vonzo - January 27

Ash2 why not try a low fat low GI diet. You can eat a whole range of things and as of yet i haven't got bored and i get bored VERY easily when it comes to food (i love it toooo much). I've lost about 13lbs in just under 3 weeks so far. It's pretty flexible too so i find it easy to stick to.


lexa - January 27

Oooh Vonzo, what exactly is that type of diet? I'm interested now:-) Depending on what it is. I'm not one to diet. I'm an "eat in moderation" (laughing) type of person. I try to choose healthy (but do splurge...a lot) and exercise. I can't diet! I found if I diet, I fail. As for Atkins, I've never done it. In the beginning of the craze, I heard wonders about it. But like others said, there are many drawbacks to it, one major one being health related problems. It's just not worth it! So needless to say, I cringe at the Atkins. I honestly have heard anything bad about South Beach. But exercise is the key to any diet you choose. Gosh, we sure do need the miracle pill!!! After tending to family....I barely have time to take a shower!


vonzo - January 27

Its been "founded" by Rosemary Conely who's a big name in health and fitness over here. Her book is called Ultimate GI jeans diet. the first few days are tough but then you get used to it and realise how big your portions were before (oops!) The only thing i struggle with on it is drinking enough water, i don't like plain water, i prefer flavoured but i'm trying! Have a look and see if you can get it over there. If not i'll be happy to go get you a copy and send it over. They're on sale in Tesco only about £3 which is about $5.80 It basically tells you correct portion sizes and goes by the Glycemic Index of food but also takes into account how much fat they contain which other GI diets don't. I;ve found it really helpful and good AND you're allowed a high fat treat every day and a gla__s of alcohol.


bekysu - January 27

Hi Ash2. I have done atkins b4 kids and it works fast, the only thing is you usually gain the wieght back and fast! FAST is not good. I just had my second baby a few months ago and just recently joined weight watchers. I have lost 7 pound in three weeks. I love this diet and even my husband is following along and enjoys it. You can eat anything you want just in moderation. Low-carb limits what you can eat and doesn't teach you how to keep the weight off. It just deprives you of everyday foods.


JenniferB - January 28

I know a lot of people do it but it is not healthy. Your body needs a balanced diet. Fat and sugar is what you should limit. Eat good for you carbs instead of empty calories. Whole wheat bread instead of white for example. It might make you lose weight fast in the beginning but it doesn't last.


Bonnie - January 28

I don't know if we have that book over here, but South Beach, Weight Watchers CORE plan (not the points plan), and Sugar Busters are all low GI based diets. Same thing.



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