Has Anyone Used A Convertible Carseat

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kr - October 11

Hi, We're strapped for cash and wondering if we should get an infant seat (5-20lbs) and later on a carseat (20-40lbs) ? The infant seats have the big bonus of being removable, so I can carry baby in without waking him/her. What do you think?


MJM - October 11

That is what I had did. At Target or Walmart generally the prices start around 40 bucks. If you go to a second hand store to get one be sure to read the back for , (as strange as this sounds) they expire. It was much easier for me to have the infant seat and then when she grew out of that I go a different seat. The second seat that I had bought was actually a 130 dollar seat. However Walmart had the box marked wrong so I got it for 60 bucks. Be sure too look for the tag on boxes because if they are marked wrong they have to give it to you at that price. The cashier made a stink out of it but the manager did not. So now everytime we want to buy a "larger" item we look at all the boxes LOL.


me - October 11

thats what most people do. Get the little car seat, you can carry. Then when baby is big enough, get the bigger car seat, that can be used as a rear and front facing seat.


kr - October 11

Thank you. I appreciate the responses. I think the extra bucks will be worth the ha__sle.


Jbear - October 11

You can get an infant seat for the first year, and then buy a seat designed to be front facing that converts to a belt-positioning booster seat later. The seat I have for my three-year-old is for 20-80 lbs. The infant car seat is really useful in the house too. Sometimes the baby will sleep there when they won't sleep anywhere else.


momma - October 12

i was given a convertible car seat at my shower but my husband and i oped to get an infant seat (trayvel system) becouse it seemed so much easier than taking her out of the seat having the infant seat, we can just lift it from the base and leave her sleep now she has out grown it and loves riding in shopping carts


Kathryn - October 16

Just another suggestion about car seats. Call your local fire dept. to set up an appointment to have the car seat installed. Most departments have trained installers. My husband just took a 24 hour cla__s on installing car seats. I never knew there was so much to know about installing them. This is one easy way to keep baby safe.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 16

Jbear~ What is the brand of carseat you have for your 2 year old. We have been looking for a convertable car seat or even just a bigger carseat. I do not think Amaya is going to last until she is a year old in her infant seat. We looked at Britax Roundabout and the Marathon. I was hoping that you have one of these and can tell me how you like it! Thanks


Jbear - October 16

Stephanie, ours is just a basic Evenflo that cost $70 at Walmart. My husband liked it because it matched the car upholstery, and my daughter liked it because it had armrests and a cupholder. It's not designed to be rear-facing, so you couldn't use it for your daughter until she's one.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 17



check it out - October 18

My baby will outgrown his infant carseat soon. So after doing some research I decided to buy this cosco alpha omega 3 in 1 car seat. It cost 139.99 at babyage.com with additional 10% off. I think it's pretty worth it because it fit for children from 5 up to 100 lbs. I hope my baby will like it..I'll come back when I received the item.



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