Has Anyone Used The Parents Choice With Iron Formula Before

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torbman - February 15

Ds is on Similac with iron, but it costs $20 a can. I wondered about switching. PC is only $13 a can. Has anyone done this? Should there be too much of a difference ? What are your thoughts?


ssmith - February 15

My sis-in-law used the Parent's Choice formula with my nephew, and thought it was excellent. He never had any trouble.


ConnorsMommy - February 15

I used it with my ds. It was just as good as similac.. if not better, because of the price ;) He never had any problems with it.


luviduvi - February 15

It is the exact same ingredients as Similac word for word from what I hear.......


AshleyB - February 15

The parents choice formula has a lower level of linoleic acid and folic acid in it. Those are both really important. Of course all formula's are FDA approved, so they are ok, but I wouldn't use that kind. If you want a good generic Target formula is exactly the same as the enfamil formula's and also meijer has a good generic formula. We've been using the target and it's 14.99 and ds does great with it. It sure beats paying $24!


lilaggie2002 - February 15

also, sam's club (if you have a membership) has an excellent generic brand that is similar to enfamil with lipids...its $20 for a 3lb can. great price and our dr. raved about the price and said that it was the exact same as enfamil!!


AshleyB - February 15

Hey lilaggie2002--- Do they have a gentlease version?? That's a great price!


Kara H. - February 15

I love Sam's club formula! It would cost me $114 a month for Lipil and I only spend $40 a month at Sam's! To my knowledge, they only carry the milk-based equivilant of Lipil and the Soy equivilant of Similac. You don't have to have a membership to check out their website and what the Sam's club closest to you has in stock. I love their diapers and wipes too. They are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. I do miss the baby powder scent, but for 200 sz 3 diapers for $26 bucks and 9 packages of wetwipes for $13 I got over the missing fragrance real fast!


jwhite - February 16

All formulas are made of the same thing so it will not hurt him.. I have switched to Parents Choice from Nestle and she has done fine.


ashtynsmom - February 16

My dd was on PC as soon as I quit b/f. She did just fine on it.



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