Has Anyones Baby Done This

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jessb - April 14

Ok, this have been great with little Alyssa. She is nine weeks old now. She was sleeping mostly through the night. Sometimes 5 hours or even 6 or7 hours at a time. Well, yesterday she was in a great mood but hardly ate anything. I swear she only ate 9 ounces the whole day. And for the past week she will only sleep 2-3 hours at a time at night. Last night I didnt get her down until 12 and she woke up at 3 and wanted to eat. I felt better that she was at least eating, so she ate 4 ounces and went back to bed. She was up again at 7:30 and ate another 4 ounces. So she is eating better today but I dont understand why she's not sleeping like she used to. I thought maybe she is a hungry but then why didnt she eat all day yesterday, i offered her a bottle every half hour! I have tried to put cereal in her bottle at night but she doesnt eat much right before she goes to bed she usually just falls asleep with the bottle in her mouth. Sigh! Anyone have any ideas why she could be doing this?


Ca__sieSong - April 14

My dd is 4 months and has crazy eating habits too. She was a great eater in the beginning, but around 3 months she began to eat less during the day and more at night. (Keep in mind she was sleeping 8 hour stretches as 10 weeks). Soon she was eating the majority during the nighttime hours and hardly anything during the day. She had gotten her eating schedule mixed up. So finally, per the ped's advice, we are doing something about it. She needs to be sleeping during the night (and so do we) and eating during the day. Your dd is probably too young to do this yet, but the other day I fed her as much as she would let me and then we let her CIO at night. The ped wanted us to wait until 5 AM to feed her, but I just couldn't do that, so I went in and fed her when she woke up again at 3:30. She goes to bed at 7:30. Last night we did the same thing and it went even smoother. Tonight we'll try again and within a week the ped said she should be "reprogrammed." I know that sounds harsh, but my dd has to learn to eat during the day. I would say that you should just continue offering food during the day and talk to your ped about it. See what he/she says. Sorry this was so long winded.


kirsti - April 14

It may be that she's looking for a little solid food ..My son started doing this around the 6-7 week mark and i gave him a quater of a rusk at night and he slept right through like he used to perhaps some baby rice may help this just a little suggestion xx


C - April 14

Everytime my son stops sleeping through the night he has an ear infection. When is her next well check up? I would mention the change in sleeping pattern if it doesn't get better by then.


Rachel D. - April 15

Just hang in there, it's a baby thing. My son did the same thing for the first 3 mos. of his life, then he had a pretty regular schedule for a few months, then it went totally haywire! At first I was really concerned because he was waking ever hour for crying out loud! I just kept thinking to myself that it couldn't be normal. Then I talked to my mom and posted on the board and everyone had experienced this with their own bab ies. One thing you can try though, if you're not already doing this, is feed your dd frequently in the evening. I fed my son evey 2 hours from 2 p.m. til bedtime and if he fell asleep before finishing I'd wiggle the bottle in his mouth of give him a little jiggle. Just enough for him to rouse enough to finish the feeding. That way I knew he was getting enough to eat during the day and wouldn't need to catch up at night. It seemed to work well. Just a thought. Good luck :)


Erin1979 - April 15

It could be a growth spurt. They say 3,6 weeks, and 3, 6 months, but that's just a guideline. My dd was a little crazy with the feedings for a while, then got back into a routine, and was great.


Ducky - April 15

My baby does the same thing. Sometimes he will sleep 8 hours at a time and sometimes he will be up every hour and a half and when I give him a bottle he hardly eats and goes right back to sleep in the middle of it. What I personally have found to work is to keep him distracted when he thinks he is a little hungry. I give him a bath or just play with him and he will usually get so tired that he will fall asleep with out eating any thing. Then when he wakes back up and cries for food he will eat a full bottle and sleep a lot longer. I guess sometimes their bodies change and they want to eat less more often. What ever the reason is, I found that works every time.


Shelly - April 16

I also think it's a growth spurt, 8 weeks is "the norm" for one but keep an eye...9oz in one day is not good.If she is not a good eater I wouldn't ry to fill her up with rice cereal.



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