Has Your LO Ever Done This

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KLC - March 15

I work and my ds (11 months) goes to daycare. He loves it there and he really loves the sitter (who is also one of my good friends.) Well, lately when I come to pick him up and try to take him back from the sitter, he clings to her and yesterday he even screamed and cried when I took him from her. I know I'm being irrational but I think he hates me. I cried all last night because even at home he keot going to dh and wouldn't even look at me. Tomorrow is my last day here at work so I'm hoping that being alone with all day will help. But he just started this and I can't understand why. I was just hoping that he's going through a phase and you ladies will tell me not to worry about it because it happened to you and it all turned out ok.


sahmof3 - March 15

Mine never have because they weren't in daycare, but when I did in-home daycare the little boy I watched would do that to his mom. I have no doubt he loved her way more than me ;-) I think I'd be sad, too... it's good, though, that he is bonded to his daycare provider.... that's a good sign! Also, I have noticed with my boys that they go through phases... especially around 1-2 where they like daddy more. I like to think it's a good sign that they are cutting the apron strings to mom and looking to become men someday ? I don't know, but that's what I like to think to keep my heart from breaking ;-)


Renea - March 15

I think all children go through phases of wanting one parent over the other. I think that things will work out just fine--espcially if this is your last day--you will have lots of bonding time coming up.


kellens mom - March 15

I just read a short development article that 11 month olds start expanding their horizons. Dad's suddenly become more exciting because they are fun. I know our daycare person is really fun, so I can see why our dd wants to be held by her while we are visiting. Generally, i am an optimist so when dd does things like this, I say to myself "I sure am glad that I have a terrific provider that loves my dd. It is so obvious that she takes good care of her because my dd really enjoys being with her". Then I pat myself on the back because I made a good choice when picking a daycare. One more thought...mom's can't be there to protect them all the time. Isn't is great that our babies are starting to trust some other people to care for their well-being?


KLC - March 15

Thanks ladies, I know I'm probably overreacting but when he cried because I took him from her it broke my heart :(


rl- - March 15

well my ds does not go to daycare he goes to my moms house and she takes care of him and he does that to me maybe not screaming but there have been times that I have come to get him and he wants to stay with her and in the morning he goes right to her and will like try to push me away like he is telling me to go away now mom I am with gramma now LOL it is ok your baby still loves you they just know when something upsets you and they like that for some reason babies are strange things LOL.. ( :


KLC - March 15

I just got home and couldn't wait to share this. When I got to daycare today ds jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest hug ever!!! I feel so much better!!!



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